Life Hack: Using Trello To Organize Your Content

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How Can I Organize and Stay Organized At Home Using These Trello Tips?

I’m positive that these Trello tips will make your life a whole lot easier. I was astonished once I found it! And I’m sure you will be too!

How do I love Trello? Let me count the ways! A few months ago, I knew nothing about this crazy FREE app that could (did) change my life!

I’m not a structured person by nature, (I’m a little bit haphazard) yet I love being organized! I know! It doesn’t make sense to me either! Are you like me? Secretly admiring people who never miss a deadline, know every child’s social security number, and have their menu plan all laid out months in advance.

I have always wondered how I, a person not naturally organized by default, could become organized, yet stay relaxed and able to be my random self.


The coolest organizing app ever!

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Trello is nothing short of awesome. As a matter of fact, without it, I would be completely lost! The Trello website says it best, but in short it’s simply a tool used to organize absolutely everything in your life! It doesn’t get much better than that! And best of all, Trello is FREE!

Trello can be used for big jobs like managing a company, all the way down to helping you managing your home. Additionally, it’s completely customizable and can be used as far as your imagination can soar. It’s the single most important app I have on my phone and the one tab I keep open on my computer all day long.

That’s how much I love Trello! In other words, without it, I’d be lost!

These Trello tips have been so helpful for me!

How Does Trello Work? Check Out These Trello Tips to Find Out

Think of Trello as a great, big, white board that holds infinite sticky notes with ideas smattered all over it. But in an organized manner. Within Trello, you have the opportunity to make boards. I think of boards as an overarching idea. (household chores, grocery shopping, any kind of list, etc.)

On each of these boards you can place virtual sticky notes or lists. Similarly, on each of the lists, you can make a card, which I like to think of like a three-by-five card. On the back of the card, (which you access by clicking on the card) you can write notes, leave links to websites you’d like, attach pictures, and so on.

The lists can be moved around and sorted and resorted or copied and added to other boards. I’m telling you, the possibilities are endless!

Trello is Completely Customizable

It can be customized to your liking. You can change the background picture to fit the theme of your board. (If you have the minimally priced subscription, which isn’t necessary at all.

If you decide to use the paid version, or if you recommend Trello to others, then your account will be upgraded and you can set your own pictures as the background. It’s pretty spiffy!

Trello also has a feature that allows you to add other people to a board so you can each share the information on that board. This would be fun if you have someone you like to share recipes with, as an example!

I’ve many shared boards on my account. Some with blogging friends, some with my husband, and others with family. (You’ll see what I do in a bit – keep reading! 🙂 ) You can create and recreate lists and boards and move them around and change them until your heart’s content!

You can customize ’til the cows come home! 🙂

What is Trello Used For? (These Trello Tips Will Make ALL the Difference in Your Life)

Just. About. Everything.

Seriously! I have such a vast way of using Trello in my life and I love every, single system I use. Because it’s so helpful!

Trello is used by big companies in the business world to manage entire projects with teams of people, and yet, I use it in my home to organize my grocery list. So, as you can see, it’s not limited. You really can use it for just about anything you want to keep track of.

Is Trello Good for Personal Use?

Like I said, in my home, I use it for running our household. I have our grocery list set up, tasks lists of things I need to do, one for our church (my husband is a pastor), and on and on the list goes.

Additionally, I use it for my blogging tasks so I can keep track of everything I need to do.

So you can definitely use Trello for yourself. You don’t have to be a big corporation to make use of Trello.

So How Will Trello Make My Life Easier? Check Out These Trello Tips to Find Out!

I’m a list person. I like to make lists of my list. I always have something ruminating in the back of my head. I’m also a wife, mom of seven kiddos, pastor’s wife, friend, blogger, website manager, I own a graphics design store, as well homeschool.

As a result, I have a lot of things to keep track of. BeforeTrello,it was easy to forget or overlook things. But thanks to Trello’s integration with Google calendars, I don’t miss tasks anymore. Virtually every area of my life that needs attention is organized. It really is amazing!

Use Trello Tips to Organize Your Family

This is probably my favoritest (I know that’s not a word, but I like it!) app of all time in terms of organizing my family and keeping us organized. I really don’t know how I managed before I used Trello!

One of the major advantages to Trello and the reason why it’s so helpful for managing your family is because you can set up boards and share them with as many people as you’d like. Therefore, it’s easy to manage your family and keep everything in one specific location and everyone has access to it.

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Trello Tips for Meal Planning

This is really the #1 way I use Trello, not that the other ways aren’t important, because they are. But this is by far, the top way that I use Trello to organize my life.

You can read the whole system I developed to make meal planning simple by clicking on that link (you definitely wanna click. Don’t miss it!)

Once I started using Trello for meal planning, things got a whole lot easier. I can plan out my meals, make a grocery list, link to recipes (I don’t like having to Google them when I’m right in the middle of cooking) send my husband to the grocery store with the Trello list (and add to it while he’s there) I can even see what he’s already bought and what’s still left (that is, if he remembers to check things off the list!)

Meal planning with Trello has made my life so much easier!

Trello Tips for Recipes

As I mentioned above, Trello makes it really simple to link to recipes. You can even add a cover photo to each card so you can see a picture of the recipe.

You can have lists and lists of recipes (that you know you love) all ready and sitting at your fingertips. The possibilities are endless.

Another added bonus is that you can make comments on the cards if you changed something in the recipe or you have something you want to remember. Does your cake need to cook longer? Add a comment to the card. Was there too much salt in the chicken casserole? Make a note! See how easy it is?

Trello Tips for Budget

Setting up a budget in Trello is also a breeze. It’s a simple and easy way to track a budget and not lose track of your spending. Because Trello has a mobile app, it’s easy to check your finances and what you’ve budgeted when you’re away from home.

Staying on top of your finances will make everything run smoother. Budgeting with Trello is defnitely a great way to get yourself organized.

Using Trello for Bills

Additionally, you can use Trello to keep track of your bills. And since there’s a reminder system in place, you can feel confident you won’t miss a deadline. You can easily set up a board for you bills, and then lists of each bill. Then on the back of the card you can put the due date information and anything else you don’t want to forget.

Simple. And easy!

Trello Tips for Homeschool

I love to be able to track everything that’s happening in our school on Trello. Since I have seven kids and 5 of them are students, it’s a little bit hairy to know what everyone needs to be working on.

With Trello, it’s easy to make a board for each child, and then pop in all of their subjects and assignments. The nice thing is, you can add a child to that card (provided they’re old enough to use a computer) and make comments back and forth to each other.

Trello Tips for Cleaning Schedule

By now you should see that Trello is really just a great way to keep track of everything. So cleaning is no exception. I’m sure it’ll be no surprise when I tell you that Trello makes it a breeze!

Again, the possibilities go on and on. You can set up one board for cleaning with a list for each room and then cards with each specific instructions, or you could do a board for each room and make your lists and cards more specific.

Whatever the case, Trello will make your cleaning schedule a whole lot less hectic and a lot more organized.

Journaling in Trello

I haven’t personally journaled using Trello, but this is a great article from Trello, itself, talking about how to bullet journal in Trello. It looks really fascinating and might be something I try down the road. (If you do, please let me know!)

Life Hack: Using Trello To Organize Your Content Video

Trello Weekly Checklist

For my weekly checklist, I set up a board that says called My Week and then a list for each day of the week. Then it’s pretty simple (I like simple! I just add in tasks as I need them. Trello will even let me set a due date with a reminder.

If something is really urgent, then I’ll use the labels to mark it so it get’s flagged (bonus hint: I set up a list with cards for all my labels so I don’t forget what the color coding means! That may or may not have happened before! ;P)

It’s pretty basic, but I’ll tell ya, it gets the job done, and I feel a lot more organized!

Goal Setting With Trello

This is a fun one. Set up your goals on a board in Trello, then fill out each card with the specifics. Use Trello to track how well your accomplishing your goals.

Make sure to set up a list that says Mission Accomplished or something like that! Then when you’ve met your goal, move your card over and pat yourself on the back! There’s nothing like the feeling of moving a card over to a list that says it’s complete! 🙂

Personal Productivity Management

As I said before, Trello is so varied that you can really use it for just about anything. Personal productivity is one of my favorites. Now, your goals and mine will be different, but you can easily set up your tasks in a board and track them.

You may want to track exercise, or how much water you’ve had. Whether you’ve decluttered your house, or projects at work. It’s totally up to you, but you can definitely track your own productivity with Trello.

Managing Sports Schedules

We have seven kids and the kids that are old enough love to play sports. That can get a little crazy. Currently we have four of them that play, so keeping track of schedules and commitments and responsibilities to the team is overwhelming.

Trello is easy to set up a system to manage all the sports your kids (or grandkids) are involved in.

Here are Some Examples of How I Use Trello to Organize My Life

The following Trello tips are just a few ways I use this amazing app to organize my life, but you really can use Trello for just about anything you can imagine. It’s so amazing. Did I mention that I love it??!!

Grocery Shopping


Keeping track of my grocery list has never been easier. When I menu plan, I quickly open my Trello tab on my computer and start making my list. I’m able to make checklist within a card.

My grocery board on Trello is probably the simplest board I own, and yet one of the most effective. It’s probably the one that has made the most difference in my life!

As you can see from the picture, I make a master grocery shopping list and put each of the stores in the list as a card. (The grayed out areas are just the names of the towns I shop in. (I live in a pretty rural location, so depending on which direction I plan to travel to grocery shop, I have lists laid out for each store in each town (because the configuration of the stores is different in every one.)

Underneath each of the stores, I make a checklist. The checklist can then be crossed off as I purchase each item. If I wasn’t able to find everything at the store I was shopping at, then I simply drag the item down to the next store’s list.

Finally, I have a list of my recipes laid out within the grocery shopping board so that when it comes time to cook, I don’t have to search all over the internet to find my recipe.

Now for the best part…if my husband does the grocery shopping for me, he can access the list on his smartphone. If I forgot something after he’s at the store, I can simply add it to the list and it will show up on his phone.

How cool is that?

This is actually one of my favorite Trello tips of all time!

To do Lists

My To Do List is never-ending. What mom’s isn’t? Before Trello I felt frustrated that I could never remember exactly what I needed to do.

To remedy this, in Trello I created an All Urgent Tasks list and everything that I think of that comes to mind (and that’s usually a lot!) goes immediately on that list. That way I have a place to constantly dump all of the ideas I have in my head in an organized way.

Trello has an option for using colored labels. If something is very (as in extra) urgent, then I put a red label on it to remind me that it takes priority. Trello can also be synced with Google Calendars to set a reminder so nothing is ever missed.

On the back of the card, I can write any notes about my urgent task so I can remember exactly what I need to do. I can add phone numbers, website links, pictures, etc.

Task Management

Since Trello is totally customizable, you can completely set it up to fit your needs. I have experimented with a daily, weekly, and monthly task list. For me, the All Urgent Tasks is the best system I have found, but the beauty of Trello is that if you find something you like better, then you can totally do it!

I love adding my tasks into Trello because in a small way, I feel like once I’ve put in on my Trello board, i’ve half way handled it and I don’t have to keep trying to remember what I need to do. For me, that brings a big sigh of relief. It just feels good to have it out of my head and written down so I don’t forget what I need to do.

Christmas Shopping

My Trello Christmas Shopping Board was a favorite among the grandmas. Of course, I’m not for letting the kids use Christmas as a time to order their presents, however, the grandmas found it very beneficial to have some fun ideas that the kids were interested in.

My mom has 13 grandkids, which can be very hard to keep track of. She appreciated that I posted all of the kids sizes in my Trello Christmas Shopping Board. Then when she was shopping for Christmas presents, she could simply open her Trello app on her smart phone and see exactly what each grandchild was wishing for.

(We have a lot of Milwaukee Bucks fans in our house!)

This is the exact list the kids did. I left it up to them to organize. However, I like things more concise, so I probably would have made a list with each of the kids’ names in it and then within that card made a checklist under each of their names. But as you can see, it’s really up to the creativity of the individual using Trello. Doing it this way did make it very easy for the kids since they could just open the board, find their name, and start typing.

Notice, at the top that their are several of us who share the board. You can add members by clicking on the invite button next to the icons.

Just a hint if you do decide to use Trello for your Christmas shopping list, make sure to password protect the board and change the password once you start shopping! Our kids are honest, but accidents happen and I know they would feel terrible if they accidentally ruined a surprise. It doesn’t take long to password protect the board! 🙂

Quiet Time

I’ve found Trello to be very helpful to keep track of my quiet time, too.In fact, I keep track of my daily Bible reading plan, books that I’m reading, notes that I want to remember, and so on. It’s great for any Bible verses that I’m memorizing aw well as, prayer requests and praises that I want to keep track of.

My Marriage

I share a Trello board with my husband. It took me a little bit to convince him but after I showed him the benefits of Trello, he was all in! We have a section where we can drop date night ideas and books we’re reading, notes to each other and so on.

Basically, all the important things we want to remember to build up our relationship.nSince we’re the only ones that share the board, we can even flirt a little bit if we want to! 😉

Optimizing Trello to Fit Your Needs

Life Hack: Using Trello To Organize Your Content Free

Trello will work for you, no matter how you want to use it. You can do so much with it that it really just takes creativity and imagination. The biggest thing is that you make sure and customize it to you. Because when you do, you will be unstoppable!

The Possibilities of Using Trello are Endless

Hopefully you can see that Trello can take you as far as you can imagine. My ideas are simple, and yet they are very effective. Again, they’ve made all the difference in the way we run our household.

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What will you do with Trello? Can you think of ways that you can use Trello to organize your life? What are some areas that you need to find a way to manage? Comment below and let me know how you plan to use these Trello tips to keep yourself on track.

Use my Trello referral linkto start your FREE Trello account and then let me know what you did!

Life Hack: Using Trello To Organize Your Content

How to Be More Organized at Home {Trello Tips}