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  • Archived Puzzle for Monday, November 4, 2013. Worst driving I ever did was my first winter as a driver. One time I got my dad's pontiac spinning down the road untill the road turned where we plowed into a snow bank and then everything went dark. Snow had blocked off all light, totally packed in, couldn't open doors and rolling down windows just revieled a sheet of snow.
The students of our school should rally together and hang the cooks in the Cafeteria. Well, maybe that is a little too dramatic, but something has to be done about the school lunch. The stuff that they serve the students is truly awful. Students should not be forced to eat in the cafeteria because the meals are not prepared well, there are foreign objects in the deserts, and many kids have gotten ill after eating certain items. Initially, sometimes the lunch is left over. To know if it is left over it will look wrinkly or dried up. Sometimes when I enter the cafeteria the smell just hit me in face. When the cafeteria smells bad, it is because people throw things on the ground and it starts to smell, but usually I don’t recognize it. The…show more content…
Equally important, there are lots and lots of foreign objects in food like, mold, cockroach, hair, bugs and finger nails. You can maybe have a hair in your nose and it falls into the food, or you can be cooking and a cockroach comes on the tray and into the food. When they share the food they can’t see the bug and when the kids start to eat they feel something crunchy in their mouth. That would have been nasty. Nearly, ½ (a half) of my school may like the school lunch, but I don’t. Even the new kids on the first day are shocked to see so many foreign objects in the food. Clearly, the kids and the teachers may have stomach ache and maybe it disgust the teachers so bad that they bring their own lunch. Furthermore, symptoms, of, headache, stomach ache and vomiting after they ate lunch is a sign of sickness. According to “Students at a Connecticut school became ill after consuming milk that contained a food-grade sanitizer. Symptoms after drinking the milk will make you have and feel dizzy, nausea, have headaches, stomach aches and burning in your throat.” Schools are supposed to get two visits from health inspectors every year. But one in 10 schools didn't get inspected at all last year, according to Agriculture Department data obtained by The Associated Press. Thirty percent were visited only once. Also the food is gooey sometimes and the meals can be

Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you wouldn't catch most people skipping dinner several times a week, which leaves us with lunch, a most neglected meal. Finding easy lunch ideas isn’t hard, but because lunch happens right in the middle of the workday, it’s logistically inconvenient. And, when people actually do have time for a midday meal, they 'grab' lunch, implying that it's a luxury that is a detriment to productivity. Fortunately, there are a plethora of lazy lunches and make-ahead meal ideas online that will prevent you from getting super hangry during the day.

The objective for a lazy lunch is to keep energy levels in working order and metabolisms cranking on all cylinders — so, not an In-N-Out double-double, animal style, or a pile of bacon-wrapped street meat. You do not want to be in a deep, dark food coma until dinner. You will in fact accomplish less than you would on an empty stomach, so scratch that as a strategy.

Lunch Tomorrowteach To Be Happy Wishes

Look for lean proteins, fiber, and sneak in a few carbs to give you the energy boost you seek. And keep it simple. You can create some pretty impressive lunches with just a few ingredients, or better yet, leftovers from a healthy meal that you made the night before. Here are a few lazy and make-ahead lunches that will keep you alert all day.

Lunch Tomorrowteach To Be Happy

“During the workweek, busy people often sacrifice a good lunch,” says J.M. Hirsch, the author of “Beating the Lunch Box Blues.” “We tend to have this idea that lunch is supposed to be a sandwich and a hunk of fruit, so it’s easy to be bored,” Hirsch adds. The Happy Lunch aims to educate parents and children about the importance of each food they eat in promoting lifelong health and wellness. Through our educational materials, we will help parents bring nutrient rich, delicious foods into the home on a daily basis, with minimal effort.

1. Quinoa Fruit Salad

This quinoa fruit salad with refreshing mint and a bright lemon vinaigrette is almost like dessert, except it's packed with protein and antioxidants. Something this delicious shouldn't be this good for you. If you've already got cooked quinoa lying around, this salad by Damn Delicious can be ready to rock in less than 10 minutes.

2. Burrito Bowls

If you've been craving Chipotle, try your hand at making a burrito bowl at home. Heat up some rice and beans, toss in your favorite burrito-inspired veggies, and dump a dollop of your favorite salsa into a travel-friendly container, and you've got yourself the perfect afternoon snack. Find out how to make this colorful dish at Damn Delicious.

3. Easy Italian Deli Style Chicken Sandwich

Pre-made pesto and a jar of roasted bell peppers set you up for success with this easy deli-style sandwich. You can even wrap the cold sandwich in foil the night before, and heat it in a warm oven or toaster oven when you're ready to eat. Get the full details at The Kitchn.

4. Sweet Potato Pesto Wraps

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These savory wraps from The Kitchn are 100 percent freezable. One Sunday, if you've got some extra time, make a whole batch of these vegetarian lunch wraps, and stock your freezer. When you're ready to eat lunch but don't have much time, bust out your pre-assembled and conveniently frozen wraps, heat, and eat! It doesn't get much easier than that.

5. Three-Ingredient Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin puree, coconut milk, and green curry paste will have you sipping a piping hot bowl of pumpkin soup in minutes. This is a great way to break the monotony of cold cuts and chicken wraps without any extra labor whatsoever. Find out how to make this better, faster, cheaper food dream a reality at Food Fanatic.

6. Blue Apple Salad

Make the barley and grilled chicken for this one ahead of time, and assemble in the morning to keep your greens as fresh as can be before lunchtime. This salad is a part of an opus called Salad Swag at The Kitchn that will keep your salad game strong through an entire work week.

7. Four-Ingredient Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a go-to lazy meal staple in my house. They're just so easy to put together and customize, and you can fill them with healthy things and leftovers and eggs and yum. This recipe calls for refried beans, cheese, salsa, and avocado for a feast that's ready in five minutes. Find the delicious recipe for this one at Making Thyme For Health.

8. Caprese Avocado Salad

Here is yet another example of why it's basically essential to have grilled chicken in your fridge. You can have a delicious Italian salad ready in minutes. It's like a Caprese sandwich without the bread. Head over to Damn Delicious for the details.

For more food inspiration, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Damn Delicious (3); The Kitchn (3); Food Fanatic; Making Thyme For Health