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Mac fingerprint scanner

Microsoft has beaten Apple to delivering a wireless keyboard with biometric security. Its new Modern Keyboard is built out of aluminum to be slim and strong and features a hidden fingerprint.

The Touch Bar might be one of the most useless things Apple has ever created. You know what’s awesome, though? The little fingerprint reader at the end of the Touch Bar that MacBook Pro users can take advantage of to quickly until their laptops. Jealous? Well don’t be. Just pick up an Idem BioScan Compact USB Fingerprint Scanner on Amazon for just under $20 and you can add fingerprint unlock to your Windows 10 laptop, too!

Here’s the key info from the product page:

  • 14mm wide fingerprint sensor touch pad for highest 1st attempt success rate and 360° readability for convenient fingerprint scanning from multiple angles.
  • Anti-spoofing, secure biometrics protection, and register up to 10 fingers per user account.
  • Support file/folder encryption and one touch web login (with optional software).
  • Fast Windows operating system sign-in within 0.25 seconds and WINDOWS 10 ONLY – NO SUPPORT FOR LINUX, MAC or WINDOWS 10 ENTERPRISE VERSION.
  • FCC certified, a breeze to install and use with intuitive, quick start guide, US local customer support, plus 1-year warranty.
  • How to set up and manage Touch ID on your Mac. You'll be asked to register a fingerprint for Touch ID as part of the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro setup process. You can register additional fingerprints at any time, though. You can have up to three fingerprints per user account on your Mac, with a total of five across accounts.
  • Download windows 10 fingerprint driver for free. System Utilities downloads - Validity Fingerprint Driver by Validity Sensors, Inc. And many more programs are available for instant and free download.
  • Enter to Search. My Profile Logout. Fingerprint lock free, biometric fingerprint software, fingerprint software, fingerprint sensor.
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Fingerprint readers are great. When they work.

One thing I've noticed since switching to an iPhone with Face ID instead of Touch ID is how much faster and more accurate using my face is than using my fingers.

Mac Fingerprint Reader

Not only is fingerprint placement on the sensor critical, but people who work with their hands will find that their fingerprints can wear to the point where they become unreliable (but not enough for you to get away with crimes, in case you're wondering).


If you work with your hands outdoors or as a technician or mechanic, this will be an issue, but it's also an issue-- if not a bigger issue -- for people with demanding hobbies such as rock climbing or weight training.

Add to this the fact that if you are someone who works with your hands, chances are good that your hands aren't always clean. Oil, dirt, and adhesives can all affect your prints (just today, I got some epoxy resin on my Mac's fingerprint reader -- fortunately for my wallet, it came off!).

I've come across four workarounds to this problem.

Mac fingerprint reader

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Give your device the middle finger


Mac fingerprint scanner

Use your middle finger as the default. Sure, it takes a little bit of getting used to, but I've found that the fingerprints on the middle finger takes less battle damage than other fingers, especially the index finger, and is yet dexterous enough to use (I've tried using the pinky, but it doesn't want to play ball!).

I find using the middle finger particularly good for Android smartphones that have the fingerprint reader on the back, or the Touch ID pad on Macs.

Multiple identities

Another trick I find works well is to program in the same finger with Android or macOS several times over a period of time. This way, it learns to read your fingerprint through the random scuffs and scars.

This is useful for those who don't want to change the finger they use to unlock their smartphone.

Go on the side

Mac Fingerprint Scanner

Rather than using the pads of the fingers (the parts that get fragged the most), use the sides, especially the thumb. Again, it's a spot that takes less damage.

I find this works really well for smartphones with side-mounted fingerprint readers on Android smartphones.

Mac Fingerprint Reader Not Working

Get comfortable

Enroll your fingerprint with the system the way you expect to be holding or using the device. With a new system, you might not know what this natural, comfortable way is until you've used it for a few days, so go through the process a second time if you feel like it's not catching your prints accurately. I know that initially when I enrolled my fingerprints on my MacBook Pro, I was jabbing at them completely differently to the way I would use them in real life, and this affected accuracy a lot.