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55%Parking maniaParking mania

Adventure Island » Mega Man 2 » Bomberman » Tetris » Final Fantasy » Castlevania » Double Dragon » Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 » Street Fighter 3. The Mega Man (Classic) series had quite a few of these: Mega Man 2 had the Air Shooter, which travelled upwards in a spread. Magma Bazooka from Mega Man 9 combined this with Charged Attack. A point-blank charged shot was one of the most painful things for MiniBosses and the most painful thing against Hornet Man. Mega Man 10 had the Triple Blade.

75%Time To ParkTime To Park
77%Parking PassionParking Passion
75%Valet Parking 3DValet Parking 3D
70%Port Car ParkingPort Car Parking
70%Parking Fury 3DParking Fury 3D
75%Supercar Parking 2Supercar Parking 2
78%Busman Parking 3DBusman Parking 3D
79%Franky Valet ParkingFranky Valet Parking
76%Parking FuryParking Fury
70%Let's ParkLet's Park
95%Battle Tank 3D ParkingBattle Tank 3D Parking
90%3D Parking City Rumble3D Parking City Rumble
89%3D Downtown Parking3D Downtown Parking
88%Parking Fury 3Parking Fury 3
87%Extreme Car Parking!Extreme Car Parking!
87%Park it 3D:Airport BusPark it 3D:Airport Bus
86%Park it 3D: AirplanesPark it 3D: Airplanes
86%Offroad Parking 3DOffroad Parking 3D
86%Mafia Driver: OmertaMafia Driver: Omerta
84%Parking Fury 2Parking Fury 2
81%School Bus License 3School Bus License 3
81%School Bus LicenseSchool Bus License
81%Parking Supercar CityParking Supercar City
80%School Bus License 2School Bus License 2
80%Valet Parking 3Valet Parking 3
80%Valet Parking 2Valet Parking 2
80%Ace TruckerAce Trucker
79% Skill 3D Parking Police Station Skill 3D Parking Police Station
79%Car Park ChallengeCar Park Challenge
79%Winter Firefighters Truck 2Winter Firefighters Truck 2
79%Skill 3D Parking: Mall MadnessSkill 3D Parking: Mall Madness
79%Winter Bus DriverWinter Bus Driver
78%Save The FishSave The Fish
78%Airport Bus Parking 2Airport Bus Parking 2
78%Car Carrier Trailer 2Car Carrier Trailer 2
Mega man games ranked
78%South Beach ParkingSouth Beach Parking
78%Jeep City ParkingJeep City Parking
78%Spaceship Parking FrenzySpaceship Parking Frenzy
78%Winter Bus Driver 2Winter Bus Driver 2
78%First Aid ParkingFirst Aid Parking
78%18 Wheels Driver18 Wheels Driver
78%Fugitive FrenzyFugitive Frenzy
77%Army Car TeamArmy Car Team
77%Parking WorldwideParking Worldwide
77%Sailboat DockingSailboat Docking
77%Winter School Bus ParkingWinter School Bus Parking
77%Railroad Crane ParkingRailroad Crane Parking
77%American Old West ParkingAmerican Old West Parking
77%Drivers Ed 2Drivers Ed 2
76%Learn to DriveLearn to Drive
76%School Bus RacingSchool Bus Racing
76%Firefighters TruckFirefighters Truck
76%Santa's Toy Parking ManiaSanta's Toy Parking Mania
76%Factory ParkingFactory Parking
76%SUV ParkingSUV Parking
76%Bombay Taxi 2Bombay Taxi 2
76%Valet ParkingValet Parking

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Parking Games

Who ever thought parking could be so fun? These parking games require precise keyboard control, quick reflexes, and a good sense of timing. Parking your car, boat, bus or spaceship in the correct space, within a time limit, and without crashing into things (or even worse, people!) is more challenging than you might think, but practice makes perfect. So choose on of our selected parking games and get in your driving seat, strap up, and start parking!

Look up mega- in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Mega is a unit prefix in metric systems of units denoting a factor of one million (106 or 1000000). It has the unit symbol M. It was confirmed for use in the International System of Units (SI) in 1960. Mega comes from Ancient Greek: μέγας, romanized: mégas, lit.'great'. [1]

Common examples of usage[edit]

  • Megapixel: 1 million pixels in a digital camera
  • One megatonne of TNT equivalent amounts to approx. 4 petajoules and is the approximate energy released on igniting one million tonnes of TNT. The unit is often used in measuring the explosive power of nuclear weapons.
  • Megahertz: frequency of electromagnetic radiation for radio and television broadcasting, GSM, etc. 1 MHz = 1,000,000 Hz.
  • Megabyte: unit of information equal to one million bytes (SI standard).
  • Megawatt: equal to one million watts of power. It is commonly used to measure the output of power plants, as well as the power consumption of electric locomotives, data centers, and other entities that heavily consume electricity.
  • Megadeath: (or megacorpse) is one million human deaths, usually caused by a nuclear explosion. The term was used by scientists and thinkers who strategized likely outcomes of all-out nuclear warfare.


When units occur in exponentiation, such as in square and cubic forms, any multiples-prefix is considered part of the unit, and thus included in the exponentiation.

  • 1 Mm2 means one square megametre or the size of a square of 1000000m by 1000000m or 1012m2, and not 1000000square metres (106 m2).
  • 1 Mm3 means one cubic megametre or the size of a cube of 1000000m by 1000000m by 1000000m or 1018 m3, and not 1000000cubic metres (106 m3)


In some fields of computing, mega may sometimes denote 1,048,576 (220) of information units, for example, a megabyte, a megaword, but denotes 1000000 (106) units of other quantities, for example, transfer rates: 1megabit/s = 1000000bit/s. The prefix mebi- has been suggested as a prefix for 220 to avoid ambiguity.

PrefixBase 10DecimalEnglish wordAdoption[nb 1]
NameSymbolShort scaleLong scale
yottaY10241000000000000000000000000 septillion quadrillion1991
zettaZ10211000000000000000000000 sextillion trilliard1991
exaE10181000000000000000000 quintillion trillion1975
petaP10151000000000000000 quadrillion billiard1975
teraT10121000000000000 trillion billion1960
gigaG1091000000000 billion milliard1960
megaM1061000000 million1873
kilok1031000 thousand1795
hectoh102100 hundred1795
decada10110 ten1795
1001 one
decid10−10.1 tenth1795
centic10−20.01 hundredth1795
millim10−30.001 thousandth1795
microμ10−60.000001 millionth1873
nanon10−90.000000001 billionth milliardth1960
picop10−120.000000000001 trillionth billionth1960
femtof10−150.000000000000001 quadrillionth billiardth1964
attoa10−180.000000000000000001 quintillionth trillionth1964
zeptoz10−210.000000000000000000001 sextillionth trilliardth1991
yoctoy10−240.000000000000000000000001 septillionth quadrillionth1991
  1. ^Prefixes adopted before 1960 already existed before SI. The introduction of the CGS system was in 1873.

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  1. ^'Oxford English Dictionary (OED Online)'. (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press. June 2001. Retrieved 2017-09-18. Origin: A borrowing from Greek. Etymon: Greek μεγα-. ... Forming scientific and technical terms with the sense ‘very large’, ‘comparatively large’, or (esp. in Pathol.) ‘abnormally large’, often having correlatives beginning micro-, and sometimes also synonyms beginning macro-.

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Look up mega- in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
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