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  1. Pancho is a young mechanic and one of the students who seems to struggle with calculus. Earlier in the film, he is shown to give up easily, nearly choosing a job at a forklift over his education, however, Escalante convinces him his education is the key to success and a good career.
  2. Discontinuities can be classified as jump, infinite, removable, endpoint, or mixed. Removable discontinuities are characterized by the fact that the limit exists. Removable discontinuities can be 'fixed' by re-defining the function. The other types of discontinuities are characterized by the fact that the limit does not exist.
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3.E Provide reasons or rationales for solutions and conclusions.Access lesson handouts and helpful resources here: exams in 2020 wi.

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Mixed Hidden App Calculus Solver

Mixed hidden app calculus solver
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Mixed Hidden App Calculus Problems


Section 3-4 : Product and Quotient Rule

Mixed Hidden App Calculus Tutorial

For problems 1 – 6 use the Product Rule or the Quotient Rule to find the derivative of the given function.

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  1. (fleft( t right) = left( {4{t^2} - t} right)left( {{t^3} - 8{t^2} + 12} right)) Solution
  2. (y = left( {1 + sqrt {{x^3}} } right),left( {{x^{ - 3}} - 2sqrt[3]{x}} right)) Solution
  3. (hleft( z right) = left( {1 + 2z + 3{z^2}} right)left( {5z + 8{z^2} - {z^3}} right)) Solution
  4. (displaystyle gleft( x right) = frac{{6{x^2}}}{{2 - x}}) Solution
  5. (displaystyle Rleft( w right) = frac{{3w + {w^4}}}{{2{w^2} + 1}}) Solution
  6. (displaystyle fleft( x right) = frac{{sqrt x + 2x}}{{7x - 4{x^2}}}) Solution
  7. If(fleft( 2 right) = - 8), (f'left( 2 right) = 3), (gleft( 2 right) = 17) and (g'left( 2 right) = - 4) determine the value of ({left( {f,g} right)^prime }left( 2 right)). Solution
  8. If (fleft( x right) = {x^3}gleft( x right)), (gleft( { - 7} right) = 2), (g'left( { - 7} right) = - 9) determine the value of (f'left( { - 7} right)). Solution
  9. Find the equation of the tangent line to (fleft( x right) = left( {1 + 12sqrt x } right)left( {4 - {x^2}} right)) at (x = 9). Solution
  10. Determine where (displaystyle fleft( x right) = frac{{x - {x^2}}}{{1 + 8{x^2}}}) is increasing and decreasing. Solution
  11. Determine where (Vleft( t right) = left( {4 - {t^2}} right)left( {1 + 5{t^2}} right)) is increasing and decreasing. Solution