Mute Certain Apps Macsalenew

You can mute/reduce the sound inside respective apps. The option to mute sound for individual apps is not available in Volume mixer, as this the feature/functionality you want to see in Windows 10. You may provide your suggestions in the feedback app. My app is a phone dialer for handicapped (blind) people. Let assume that the user is listening to some streaming audio from IE and there is incoming phone call. I would like my app to mute the sound coming from IE but to keep the master volume intact so my app can announce the incoming call to user. Just click the “Speaker” icon beneath the program or app you wish to mute. Click it again to turn off the mute setting. As you can see, this is a very simple process that allows you to take complete control over the volume of each individual program without affecting the volume of the others.

Mute specific apps macMac

Mute Specific Apps Mac


Mute Certain Apps Mac

Mute certain apps mac
So I've been googling like a mad man and this does not seem to be possible without some shitty 3rd party software that I don't really want to deal with. I'm not techy when it comes to sound mixing and stuff but I do struggle to see how this option would be hard to implement.
Basically I want/need an option to mute specific programs in OBS.
In my case I sometimes stream world of warcraft for my guildies whom have been placed on the bench for this specific evening. I want them to be able to hear more or less everything; Spotify, in-game sound, desktop sound w/e. But as I am a member in the guilds Loot Council (on separate teamspeak channel) I can not share those discussions with people. I need to be able to mute (in this e.g) teamspeak in OBS.
At the moment I simply mute everything constantly, which is not very entertaining I can imagine.