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The curriculum integrates rich primary and secondary texts, maps, images, videos, and other reputable online sources into materials that meet the New York State K-12 Social Studies Framework’s objectives and provide students an opportunity to improve literacy skills by focusing on thinking critically while reading, writing, and speaking like.

‘Interests’ are subjects, ideas, things, topics and events which fascinate and stimulate the curiosity of the child.

  1. New York State Early Learning Guidelines. With the goals and ideals of. The Creative Curriculum ® for Preschool. The Creative Curriculum ® for Preschool. Is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum designed to help educators at all levels of experience plan and implement a.
  2. . This document fuses the New York State Learning Standards, K ey Ideas, and Conceptual Understandings and content sequence into a single document. The course sequence is similar to that of the previous Social Studies Resource Gu ide with Core Curriculum. Unifying Themes based primarily on the National Council for the Social Studies themes.
  3. Tips in Writing a Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV) A few guidelines that you may follow in writing curriculum vitae are as follows: Be mindful on where you will use the curriculum vitae. It is very important that the content of your curriculum vitae is related to the purpose of its creation. Always be aware of your grammar and punctuation.

Within an Emergent Curriculum educators use ‘interests’ of the children, families, community and themselves as the substance of the learning program.

Selected interests are then developed through ‘projects’ or ‘investigations’ – involving related fun and interesting, hands-on learning experiences in which the children and adults work together to further explore the interest and express their own theories and understandings through a variety of representative mediums.

Even very young children have interests. For example, at any moment a young baby or toddler is learning to roll, or crawl, or walk, or jump. This is their current interest, they are determined to master the new skill, they practise and practise. So we (often spontaneously) formulate experiences to encourage mastery of this new skill. We support and cheer on their efforts to jump, we jump with them, we sing and jump to make jumping fun. This is a form of Emergent Curriculum – taking what the child is interested in learning about and making it interesting and engaging for them to learn it.

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For a slightly older child it might be an obsession with a particular toy or book that provides the leap pad for further learning. I can tell you that this…
…is a key figure in one of Immy’s current interests, cats! This grotty, sucked on, snotted on, fed porridge and drinks of milk from her own bowl and cup, beanie toy is her constant companion. At eighteen months of age, Immy loves cats. We had a cat, Millie, until we moved to Perth when Immy was 12 months old and Immy was fascinated by her. She would light up when Millie came into the room, crawl after her once she was mobile and she mastered opening our sliding, screen door to get to Millie out on our balcony!


I can (and do) use Immy’s fascination with cats to further her learning about the world.

In my work I have seen children with interests in all manner of things, from the common ones like snails or superheroes, to the more bizarre (try creating an interesting curriculum about garbage trucks), to those stimulated by popular culture like a TV character (think Dora or Diego) or children’s movie (Nemo has changed the world of aquariums forever).

The key is for the educator (be it teacher, child care worker, or parent) to be attuned to the child’s play, conversations and activity for clues to each child’s interests.

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What are your child/ren’s current interests?

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New Milestoneseffective Curriculum Ideas 4th Grade

Since the holiday has their attention, use some of these free ideas to teach them God’s Word.

Lesson Plans for New Year’s

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Bible Object Lessons

New Milestoneseffective Curriculum Ideas

New Year’s Coloring Pages for Children’s Church

More New Year’s Ideas for Kids Church

New milestoneseffective curriculum ideas 4th grade

Several readers also like to use the Sunday after Christmas for the kids to write “Thanks You” cards for all their presents. We’ve uploaded a printable thank you card template for children and an object lesson to accompany it.

The beginning of the new year brings a special opportunity for your children’s ministry. Kids are thinking about the new year and many will even stay up late with their families. I’ve even heard very young ones making grown-up sounding resolutions.

We hope you enjoy these ideas and find them useful in your ministry. Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts.