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I performed a Journey Lines team building activity (that I learned from Lyssa Adkins) with various teams. In general, I was really happy how it went (and so were my colleagues). The idea of Journey Lines is that each of the participants draws a line showing ups and downs of previous jobs. Each chart contains also some additional.

  1. My goal in this article is to explain what Advent is and to make the case for taking Advent seriously. I also want to add some practical suggestions for how you can celebrate Advent.
  2. United CleanPlus is the airline’s commitment to delivering industry-leading cleanliness, plus putting health and safety at the forefront of the travel experience.
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  4. In literature the theme of a journey is a common one but the motivation for the journey changes considerably. The goal of each journey was directly influenced by the values of the specific time period and location in which the pieces were written.

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New Themes Are Here! Introducing Journey And Clean Lines
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