New Themes For Your Websites

Create Your Own Beautiful Website Using Free & Pro WordPress Theme. All our themes have dozens of Theme Options and Custom Widgets. You won’t need to touch a code to create you own beautiful website. Creating a Custom WordPress Theme for Beginners Unlike static HTML sites, WordPress themes are a set of template files written in PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Typically, you would need to have a decent understanding of all these web design languages or hire a web developer to create a custom WordPress theme.

Creating websites is a task on its own but once it’s completed, begins the start of the new and complex journey.

After creating a website for business, which is extremely necessary in the contemporary business world, users are exposed to an environment of creativity and choices.

The hardest choices begin by choosing the website/WordPress theme.

Yes, you heard that right, choosing the perfect theme for your website can become a really hard thing to deal with. Beginners often find themselves overwhelmed with the different choices for their websites.

Not one or two but there are thousands of websites templates, either free or paid, that looks perfect for your website at first glance.

  • As a website owner, once you’ve solved the problem of finding a great platform, the next thing is finding a theme that’s not just suitable but beautiful and perfect for your website. In this article, I’m going to direct your attention to 10 beautiful weebly themes that are perfect for general usage (informational and e-commerce websites).
  • Selecting colour themes for your website can be equally difficult or interesting, whichever way you put it.
  • Be Theme has you covered with its selection of 300+ pre-built websites. Your business may be an accounting firm, a sports club, and auto dealership, or a bistro. A one-page website may make the most sense, or a website featuring an awesome portfolio for a creative individual or agency could be what’s needed. It doesn’t matter.

However, there’s a lot more thinking that goes into choosing the WordPress theme for your website and to make it look and work perfectly.

In this blog, we will guide our readers on how to choose the best theme for WordPress/websites that will not only complement your business but will also benefit your business in ways unknown to the beginners.

So let’s begin.

WordPress is a widely known website-creating platform that creates tons of websites belonging to different industries.

Before giving the actual tips and guides on how to choose the WordPress theme for your website here’s some common sense for starters.

WordPress sites can be of different genres, you can either create a blog site that discusses political or social issues or you can use the platform to create a website for your buying selling business. Whatever the reason might be, the theme you decide to choose for your website should complement the content of your website.

Like I said above, many people choose to create blog sites that publish articles based on politics or social issues. For them, the WordPress theme that supports and promotes readability is necessary to choose.

Now that we have distributed some common sense among our readers, let’s begin with the real gist:

  1. Seek Simplicity:


While browsing for the perfect WordPress theme, you might stumble to colorful website themes. These kinds of themes will surely catch the attention of the visitors visiting your website but it may cause serious harm to your websites.

While you are thinking that an attractive theme is all that you need right now for your business to boost up, here’s the harm that such websites themes causes.


These eye candies make your website work extremely slow. And oh, slow websites are the biggest fall any business can ever have these days.

Slow websites not only irritate the visitors on your website but it makes the Google cursor run away as well.

Therefore, beginners need to strive for simplicity while choosing website themes. Also, a simple website provides users with the information they are looking for. Complex designed websites tend to confuse users and eventually forces them to shift to a better and understandable website.

  • Responsive Websites are Necessary:

Don’t get me started on why responsive websites are necessary and not an option anymore?

New Themes For Your Websites

Let’s understand the need for responsive websites by considering our own experiences.


When was the last time you wanted to google something or you wanted to visit a website and you rushed towards your laptop instead of grabbing your smartphone? Uhm, rarely.

Most of the websites that generate traffic are mobile-friendly. The mobile handled websites are not only the golden spoon for your business but with a great topic, they can even earn some generous weight in your revenue.

So now you know why responsive websites are important. Its all about money. *Tadaaaa*

  • Browser Compatibility Ensured:

An average website user visits websites on different browsers. Which means that the website theme you choose should look great on all browsers.

However, this is not the case with websites these days. Some browsers may support the website theme you chose, but other browsers may it look broken. And a broken website theme is a hole in your pocket, my friend.

This is where browser compatibility comes as the savior. To make sure that the theme chosen for the website is browser compatible, different developers test their theme rigorously.

  • Supports WordPress Plugins:

To be honest with you, WordPress plugins are the biggest power of WordPress. These plugins allow the owner to do anything with their website.

WordPress plugins like Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, are just some of the plugins WordPress developers use for their websites.

You need to make it sure that your WordPress website supports plugins for a better WordPress experience.

So now that you know what aspects to consider while choosing the theme for your WordPress, we hope nothing stops you from ranking your website. Also do not forget to browse from website banner design ideas to make your website look more appealing.

New Themes For Your Websites To Play

Thanks to a great suggestion from @Gideon I've now made a new theme for Your Jockstraps. It's called Back Room Theme and is a dark theme (color scheme) that's more conducive to viewing Your Jockstraps late at night.
To change your theme, simply scroll all the way down to the bottom of any website on Your Jockstraps. The theme you're using is listed on the left of the page. For most of you who haven't changed the theme, it will read Your Jockstraps Theme. Click that and you'll be able to now choose Back Room Theme. Click Back Room Theme and the color scheme of the website will change to a dark color palette.
If, by chance, you don't like it, just change it back to the lighter Your Jockstraps Theme.