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A subgenre of memes mainly for Call of Duty fans/ X-Bros and dubstep fans that started in late 2014. Since then they have spread memes from awesome people who know logic to people who do gaming daily. These have been hurting Chuck Norris and his pets Doge, Nyan Cat and Grumpy Cat's popularity and CHUCK NORRIS WILL RISE AND DESTROY ACTIVISION (The creator of CoD)
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MLG Meme Fan: MLG LOL *Air Horn, Air Horn, Bad Dubstep Music* OMG ILLUMUNATI LOL LOL LOL LOL I TROLLZ
Normal Meme Person: nyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyannyan
Normal Meme Person 2: U mad bro?
Normal Meme Person 3: One does not simpily walk into mordor, NOT True Chuck Norris can walk into mordor.
Normal Meme Person 4: Wow, so meme, very meme wofe, lol the doge, wow
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>>> UPDATE: I want cheats. ALL THE CHEATS. FOREVER. <<<

To celebrate Nyan Cat FLY!'s 4 MILLION views total (1million right here on NG!) I've released a FULL list of all 26 secret codes! EVERY CODE. Up to now only 16 have been discovered, but now they're all there! HUH-FREAKING-ZAH!

The list is available at JayIsGames, who were kind enough to publish an article about the release. Check it out here, y'all <3
www.jayisgames.com/archiv es/2011/07/nyan _cat_fly.php
(Note: Newgrounds automatically throws a space into URLs like the one up there. Remove the space to use the link!)

(Yes, I KNOW I technically released this at 999.5K views on NG, not 1million, but... c'mon... -_-' )

Guide Nyan Cat through the galaxy in his never-ending quest for YUMMIES! Eat yummies! Avoid veggies! Get a high score! Customize your Nyan Cat!

Nyan's Cafe🌺 A very cute and comfy server with over 500 Local Emotes (≧ ≦) (´. ω.`) ( ‿ )(´. ω.`) ♡ UWU PLEASE ADOPT ME 1 vote in January. All content either used with permission (e.g. Nyan Cat, game-over screen art) or original by krangGAMES (e.g. All the items, menu interfaces). All credits are listed in the Credits screen (Main Menu My Nyan Credits). Download this game from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 8.1. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Nyan Cat The Game. Nyan Cat Evolution Game: Nyan Cat Match Game Match The Nyan Cats! Nyan Cat Sushi Fighter Nyan Cat The Sushi Fighter Kills All Nyans: Tac Nayn Game - Demolition Nayn The Evil Tac Nayn Want to Kill All The Cute Enemies! Eat and Grow Nyan Cat Fever Game Grow Nyan Cat To Bigger Size: Snake Nyan Cat Play Nyan Cat In Snake Game! Scratch Nyan Cat The Game.

Up/Down to Move
Eat Yummies; Avoid Veggies
Shift+M: Toggle Audio

The ORIGINAL NYAN CAT: www (dot) prguitarman (dot) com/index.php?id=348

Nyan Catwatermelon Gaming Wallpaper

All content either used with permission (e.g. Nyan Cat, game-over screen art) or original by krangGAMES (e.g. all the items, menu interfaces). All credits are listed in the Credits screen (Main Menu > My Nyan > Credits)

Age Rating: All ages Nyan cat is somewhat of an awesome game, you simply fly through the air above a rainbow as a cat that likes to eats candy and ice cream, whatever you do make sure you dont eat the green vegetables. The cat will fly continuously all you have to do is simply press the arrow keys up and down to nom nom nom on the candy.

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