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Aug 21, 2012 I've been looking for any kind of tutorial that teaches how to use a 3D model in (.obj) format in C#. The most important for now is how to see it inside a window, but latter I will need to know how to create simple animations. Download obj viewer mac for free. Design & Photo downloads - OBJ Viewer by Tim Maxwell and many more programs are available for instant and free download.

This 3D viewer also supports OBJ files, and other formats are planned for the future. In case you are thinking about your 3D model file, ViewSTL allows you send the file to an online 3D printing service near you. Also, you can get a plugin called “WP ViewSTL” which allows you to display 3D files on your WordPress blog or website. Viewer for.mesh model files as consumed by OGRE as well as any format supported by assimp like.obj,.ply or.fbx. Display mesh properties (bounds, referenced materials) highlight submeshes in 3D view; preview linked animations (skeleton and vertex) easy to use UI; usage. Double click on.mesh in file browser or use the CLI as. Simple model viewer for obj format. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more.

Node command line tool and module convert obj model file to 3D Tiles, based on obj2gltf.

NOTE: Only support .b3dm and .i3dm for now!

Please use Cesium after v1.37, cause this 3d tile use glTF2.0.

Getting Start

Make sure you have Node installed, and then

Basic Usage

  • Convert .obj to .gltf
  • Convert .obj to .glb

NOTE: More detial to convert .gltf and .glb can find at obj2gltf.

NOTE: If your model have tarnsparency texture please add --checkTransparency parameter.

NOTE: If your model using blinn-phong material, and use occlusion when convert to PBR material, the model will looks darker.The useOcclusion default is false, remember adding --useOcclusion if your model using PBR material. Here are some showcase about it.

.obj Modeling File Reader For Macbrownaustin
  • Convert .obj to .b3dm with default BatchTable, which have batchId and name property, and name is model’s name.
  • Convert .obj to .b3dm with default BatchTable and export default BatchTable (a JSON file). Maybe get information for custom BatchTable.
  • Convert .obj to .b3dm with custom BatchTable.
  • Convert .obj to .i3dm width FeatureTable.
  • Convert .obj to .i3dm with FeatureTable and BatchTable.

FeatureTable support following parameters : position, orientation, scale.

.obj Modeling File Reader For Macbrownaustin

Create Tileset

  • Create a single tileset with .b3dm tile.
  • Create a single tileset with .b3dm tile and custom tileset options, custom BatchTable.
  • Create a single tileset with .i3dm tile.
  • Create a single tileset with .i3dm tile and custom tileset options, custom BatchTable.

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The customTilesetOptions.json can have options bellow, and these are fake values, please only add properties you need, other value will be auto calculate through .obj file.

NOTE: If you are not specify the transHeight option, your model will be place at earth ground surface, which means no matter what the height your models are,the lowerest point of your models will be place at height = 0.0 on the earth. But if you want keep origin heigth you just need specify transHeight = 0.0.

Here are different bounding volumes.

Combine tilesets

You can combine tilesets into one tileset.json as external tileset.

Using as node module

If you want to use this tool in node or debug, check out how to use as node module.


Navigate to this project folder and run


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First, make sure your .obj file is complete, normally include .obj, .mtl and textures like .jpg or .png.You can preview your .obj model via “Mixed Reality Viewer” if you are in windows 10.Otherwise you can use this online viewer.
Second, export .glb and check if it display correctly. You can useCesium or Three.js gltf viewer.
In the end, just export .b3dm or tileset and load in Cesium.

Sample Data

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Sample data under the .binbarrel folder.


  • Online glTF viewer, make sure your glTF is correct. Cesium, Three.js.


Great thanks to Sean Lilley(@lilleyse) for helping and advising.

.obj Modeling File Reader For Mac Brown Austin Texas

Thanks AnalyticalGraphicsInc provide a lot of open source project (like Cesium and 3D Tiles) and creat a great GIS environment.

.obj Modeling File Reader For Mac Brown Austin Tx