Outlook For Mac 2016 Unread Count Wrong

The “Deleted Items” folder now show the total number of messages, both read and unread, in the folder, rather than the number of unread messages. When you change the message count setting for a folder in your “Favorites”, the change applies to the folder in both places: the “Favorites” and the Mail folder list. Hi, As far as I know, the shared mailbox changes (including read/unread status) would be synced between server and client users who opened it. However, a public folder can be set to maintain per-user read and unread information.

Outlook For Mac 2016 Unread Count WrongOutlookUnread


Patch reliability is unclear. Unless you have an immediate, pressing need to install a specific patch, don't do it.


Outlook For Mac 2016 Unread Count Wrong Mail

Outlook For Mac 2016 Unread Count Wrong

Outlook For Mac 2016 Unread Count Wrong Version

  • Outlook incorrect unread email count

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      • Having multiple domains/email accounts, I use Hmailserver (5.6.7) to download via POP and hold them with multiple accounts in one mail store. I have mail configured on Outlook2019, IPhone and IPad to retrieve email via IMAP. This allows me to view my incoming mail (as well as other folders) on all of my devices without worrying that mail is downloaded on one but not another. However, since upgrading to IOS 13 and IPADOS 13, the unread email count in Outlook consistently shows more unread emails than there are. Any ideas on how to resync the count, and keep it accurate?

      • So… the mails are on the Hmailserver, and all devices / applications access that via IMAP.

        Outlook 2019 on a PC has incorrect unread count, right? Please confirm that other devices (more than one) ALL have a correct unread count, then? And it’s specifically Outlook that has it wrong and not all the others?

        Is the unread count for main inbox only or aggregate across all folders? Because usually when these happen it’s the aggregate count, and happens because some application doesn’t count Junk folder, Trash folder, Drafts folder, or some such… or doesn’t even pull or check some folder or another from the server. (IMAP subscribed folders vs all folders, or special handling for some like Drafts or Junk or… Sync Errors)

        Then I’ve also seen Outlook have a bug where it doesn’t sync status and flag updates for older messages in the mailbox. Standard mailbox repair usually but not always fixes that.

        Worst case, might be necessary to recreate the profile in Outlook. Fortunately you can have multiple profiles so don’t have to remove the old one first.

      • I was able to remove the incorrect counts via the profile method. However, it appears that whenever I retrieve mail from my IPhone or IPad (not sure which at this point) the count goes incorrect again. Since IOS13 arrived at roughly the same time as my Windows 10 patched, I’m not sure who the culprit is. If I can’t live with it, I’ll just search for a client that handles IMAP better than Outlook as well as a calendar app to sync with ICloud.

        • I’ll just search for a client that handles IMAP better than Outlook as well as a calendar app to sync with ICloud.

          Of those two, the former is trivial 😉 but the latter can be a bit of a challenge.

          I’m told Thunderbird with a couple of add-ons should do it, though not having Apple devices or iCloud account, don’t have personal experience. (Add-ons being John Bieling’s TbSync and the CalDAV&CardDAV provider.)