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Contract Packaging Resources, Inc. CLAIM THIS BUSINESS. 8009 INDUSTRIAL VLG RD GREENSBORO, NC 27409 Get Directions (336) 665-1300. Primary Packaging Resources (PPR) is a packaging, industrial printing, janitorial and Personal Protection distributorship. We also act as manufacturer agents for certain lines of products we stock and sell in our packaging and print line.

Scott Wilkins – Lead Consultant

Scorcia Packaging Resources, LLC (SPR) provides business and technical consulting to the packaging industry. Utilizing 30 years of packaging experience we provide Package Engineering support specializing in (but not limited to) flexible packaging.

Scorcia Packaging can manage all aspects of the package development process — understanding product needs, graphic requirements, material selection (and supply), equipment interface (and placement) while supporting the full scale up and commercialization process. Through a network of Engineers and Field Technical experts, Scorcia Packaging will support all aspects of your packaging needs.

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We look forward to discussing your unique requirements and helping you and your company meet your business objectives.

Our customers include…

  • Start-up Food Companies — We can manage all aspects of commercializing your product in the best package possible …. On time and under budget.
  • Medium to Large Consumer Packaged Goods Companies — Deliver management level Package Engineering to support your project needs while supporting company fixed cost objectives.
  • Material Suppliers — With 27 years of successfully creating, marketing and selling flexible packaging materials to converters and end-users we can help you with all aspects of your B2B product strategy.
  • Equipment Suppliers — Help OEMs understand and manage the rapid changing landscape of packaging materials and support their Engineering through Sales functions to successfully meet their customers needs.

Additional Services…

  • Training — Provide market, product and equipment training
    Bench-marking — Review your product, packaging or market strategy as it relates to your target market and provide a strategy and plan for improvement.
  • Technical Services — Provide field based Technical Service to conduct packaging trials or investigate packaging performance
  • Material Sales — With a broad network of partners, we can direct you to the best material supplier for your need, or bring you the best customers for your products.

Packaging Resources, through its independence, packaging expertise and focus on packaging in the Retail, Industrial, Medical, Tech, and Food Service industries, is uniquely positioned to decouple packaging in a way that enables clients to identify and capture performance improvements never envisioned much less realized.

It is our mission to understand all the packaging technologies, suppliers and their capabilities that have applicability to these industries and, since PR has no vested interest in any technology or supplier, PR can objectively provide services and recommendations that are in the client’s best interest, be the client a Retailer, Manufacturer, Food Service Operator or Supplier.

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Packaging Resources & Development Ltd

PR offers itself as a resource to their clients marketing, purchasing, R&D and operations functions striving to ensure that packaging’s potential value added is thoroughly integrated into every aspect of the business.

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Our objective is to improve sales and reduce costs resulting in increased bottom line performance for our customers.

Packaging Resources Company

Our portfolio of services includes design/product development, sourcing, packaging, sales and marketing, merchandising, retail distribution and fulfillment.

Our customers are retailers, club stores, suppliers, merchandisers, sales and marketing organizations, media and advertising agencies, food service operators, packaging manufacturers, distributors, contract packagers and assembly/fulfillment providers.