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SMF Gallery Pro Edition

A complete gallery system for SMF (Simple Machines Forum) supported for over eight years with over thousand galleries sold!
SMF 2.1 (MySQL), SMF 2.0.x (MySQL) and SMF 1.1.x
GD php module is required for resizing of images, EXIF php module for reading EXIF data
All features of the Lite Edition plus the following added:
  • Over 100+ settings to configure SMF Gallery Pro how you need it
  • User Galleries - User's can create their own personal galleries with unlimited categories
  • Subcategory's (Unlimited levels)
  • Rating pictures on scale of 1 to 5 stars
  • Gallery admin's can delete ratings and view who rated a picture
  • Gallery stats page for keep track of most viewed images, top rated and more!
  • EXIF image information support requires EXIF module in php
  • Album/Category level permissions for viewing, adding picture, editing picture, deleting picture, and adding a comment
  • Reporting of comments and editing own comments
  • Bulk adding of images. Controlled by permissions and setting to allow the number of upload fields
  • Thumbnail, medium, full size image sizes are supported
  • Importing images from a folder on your server
  • Category options for posting topics in a forum board when a picture is uploaded
  • Comment approval listing which lists comments that need to be approved, and reported comment listing
  • File Space Manager shows how much space a user is using and allows you to delete pictures
  • Upload Quota limits for member groups
  • Gallery navigation on view picture
  • Unviewed image list allows users to keep track which images that they have not seen yet
  • Slideshow of images at up to 50 images at a time inside a category
  • Notify by email if comments posted user's image
  • Watermarking of images uploaded by text or image
  • Lightbox and highslide support built in!
  • RSS support for image categories
  • Picture area tagging like Facebook
  • Multifile select upload option
  • Simple picture favorite system
  • XML support for recent images, getting a single picture, category listing, getting a single category
  • New permissions: Rating Pictures, Edit own Comment, Auto Approve Comments, Personal Gallery, Bulk Uploads
  • Tons of settings to customize your gallery: Images per page, Max thumbnail width, Max thumbnail height, Display newest comments first, Control blocks that appear on the gallery main page, image listing options, picture view options and many more!
  • New!! Video Addon now included: Upload formats supported: avi,flv,mov,mpg,ram,rm,rpm,swf,wmv
  • SMF Gallery Pro support forums with additional modifications and guides.
  • And much more!

Price $49 owned license (Includes one year of updates)
License: For one instance on an online forum.

Get all products with the Community Suite for SMF on SALE limited time for $200.
Licenses are non refundable and you must ensure that hosting meets the above requirements.

Help and Support:
SMF Gallery Pro Support Forum
Gallery Main View
Category View
Picture View
Space Manager
Edit Category
Gallery Settings
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All coronavirus infections start mild, doctors say, and the majority - about 80% - stay that way. Mild infection, though, is a broad description that captures a number of possible symptoms.

2 in C Minor, Op. 66 Montrose Trio; Martin Beaver, violin; Clive Greensmith, cello; Jon Kimura Parker, piano. Mozart Piano Concerto No. 10 for 2 Pianos and Orchestra in E-Flat Major, K.365. Schubert Symphony No. 8 'Unfinished' Friday Concert 1 & Saturday Symphony 3 performed on June 22, 2019. SMF 2.1 (MySQL), SMF 2.0.x (MySQL) and SMF 1.1.x GD php module is required for resizing of images, EXIF php module for reading EXIF data Features: All features of the Lite Edition plus the following added: Over 100+ settings to configure SMF Gallery Pro how you need it; User Galleries - User's can create their own personal galleries with.

We venture to say that no other piece of terminology has caused so much contention among booksellers and collectors as that of first edition. In publishing terms, an edition is technically all copies of a book that were printed from the same setting of type and the book is only described as a second edition if substantial changes are made to the copy. However, in collecting terms, a very rough description of first edition would be when it is the first appearance of a work in question.

To shed a little more light, the first time a publisher releases a new book all copies of that book that are printed without major changes can be considered a first edition. If the initial print run of this first edition sells out and the publisher decides to produce a subsequent printing with the same typeset the book would be described as a first edition, second printing. On the other hand, if substantial changes are made to the book after its first printing, perhaps the addition of a chapter or a foreword, then the book would be described as the second edition.

To make matters more confusing, each time a new publisher releases an instance of the same title or a book is released in another format they may also describe their book as a first edition (for instance, the Penguin Classics first edition or the first paperback edition). It is common to see booksellers describe these later first editions as a ‘first edition thus.’

You can now probably understand why there is so much debate about first editions. If there are two or more books described as a first edition, then a collector will want to know which one is superior.

The majority of booksellers and collectors want the ‘true first edition’ – the edition of the book that supersedes all other editions chronologically – and sometimes detective work is required to identify the true first.

The confusion around first editions is illustrated by 1984 by George Orwell. The UK hardcover edition published by Secker & Warberg in 1949 is considered the true first edition over the US edition printed by Harcourt Brace in the same year.

However, that UK first edition comes in a red dust jacket and also in a green dust jacket, and no-one seems to know which one was printed first. The general consensus is that the red issue is the true first but no-one has proof.

1984 First UK hardcover edition Secker & Warburg, 1949. Considered the true first edition, over the US edition.

1984 First UK hardcover edition Secker & Warburg, 1949. Considered to have the same priority as the red covered version among collectors.

Rate Editions (2)smf Editions

Identifying the First Edition of a Book

Identifying a first edition is no simple matter. There are thousands of publishers and they use a large variety of methods, which are often changed, to define first editions.

The publisher may actually state the words ‘first edition’ or ‘first printing’ on the copyright page. Another common method of identification is the number line – that’s a line of numbers on the copyright page. Usually, if a one is present in the line then it’s a first edition. This style has been used since World War II.

The line sequence could ascend or descend or even have no discernable order depending on the publisher. All of these sequences below are first editions.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2
(All first editions)

Sometimes the number line is also accompanied by the words ‘first edition’, but be careful because some publishers leave on the words ‘first edition’ even when the book is in its third printing and that fact is reflected in the three in this number line.

First edition
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
(Third printing)

This number line below identifies a second printing printed in 1975.
75 76 77 78 79 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

If you find that the date on the copyright page matches the date on the title page, then it is probably a first edition. Most 19th century publishers placed the date of publication on the title page but that practice faded out after 1900 and the date became appearing on the copyright page.

Some publishers make no statement at all about first editions but booksellers learn to identify firsts by other methods – for instance a particular piece of copy on the dust jacket or a mistake in the book’s text itself that is corrected in later editions.

We recommend obtaining a guide to first editions. Bill McBride’s Pocket Guide to the Indentification of First Editions and the latest edition of Collected Books: The Guide to Identification and Values by Allen and Patricia Ahearn are two excellent resources.

Rate Editions (2)smf Editions Online

Curated Collections of First Editions

Watch: How to Identify a First Edition Book

What's your most prized first edition?

Rate Editions (2)smf Editions 2019

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