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University of Missouri System, a land-grant university and Missouri's only public research and doctoral-level institution, facilitates lifelong-learning by its students and Missouri's citizens; fosters innovation to support economic development; and advances the health, cultural and social interests of the people of Missouri, the nation and the world. Found Broken Link? Report it here for us to fix. Resolved Requests go here. These are only for archiving but can be reopend if reported.


The library provides access to a large number of materials sourced through many vendors. Over time we know that vendors can merge, and existing contracts can expire or change. When this happens, we always try to update our catalog of resources appropriately. However, from time to time you may find a link to an item that no longer works (either the link is broken, or the system incorrectly reports that we should have access to a resource).

Report A Broken Link

Please use the form below to let us know about any dead links you find. We’ll work to correct the issue as soon as we can, and we will follow-up with you to either let you know that the issue has been fixed or give you advice about how to proceed.

The more information you can provide below will make it easier and faster for us to identify the source of the issue. Thank you for your help!