Riddle School 5

Watch the introduction or press the 'Skip Intro' button in the lower-right corner to bypass it.

Riddle School 5 by JohnBro. Publication date 2010-04-02 Topics adobe flash Language english-handwritten. The finale to the Riddle School series. Not a joke this time. Riddle School 5 After Riddle School 4 was only on an April Fool's, a few days later we got the fifth part of Riddle School. Well, it's not really a school anymore we escape from but anyway it's still very good. Use the 'mouse' and your items to escape. Riddle School 5 is a point and click puzzle adventure game and the final game in the Riddle School series. You and your friends are stuck on an alien spacecraft, try to escape and get home. Riddle School 5. The finale to the Riddle School series. Not a joke this time. This is the longest, craziest, and best game of the entire series. Sorry about the file size, but this game really is big. Riddle School 5 free browser online game for kids and adults. ️ Full Game Description ️Play Rules ️Best Collection of Flash games without download and registration at superiorgames.org.

Click on anything in the classroom -- a person, a chalkboard, the 'Hallway' button at the bottom of the screen or a blank space on the wall or floor.

Read the ending sequence of the game. Watch the game credits to see how long it took you to beat 'Riddle School 4.'

Riddle School 5


In the intro, all you do is click through the dialogue.
If it's your first time playing, I recommend reading it through, though reading isn't ideal if you're doing a speed run or something.
Also, if it's your first time playing, I would certainly hope you're using this walkthrough is a last resort rather than a convenience.
After the intro, click under the bed.
Grab the alien coin.
Click out to the room again, and check out the vent cover.
Use the alien coin on each of the three individual screws on the vent cover.
At this point, you should probably get the three screws on the ground.
Open the vent and click on the arrow leading out.
When you're out in the big spacey-looking room, click on the tile device that's sort of in the background.

Riddle School 5 Ending


I don't know the fastest way to do it, but here's what I do, in this order, starting from all red tiles:
To get a 0, you press - 2 4 5 6 8
To get a 7, you press - 7
To get a 4, you press - 2 3 4 5 7
To get a 1, you press - 3 7
If you get stuck anywhere, you can invert the colors by pressing 1 3 5 7 9.
If you get a 1 and it's backwards, press 4 6 7 9.
If you get a 4 and it's backwards, press 1 3 4 6.
If you get a 7 and it's backwards, press 7 9.
What the tile device does is turn on the duck-looking statue that previously didn't function.
When activated, you are invisible when standing in the circle on the floor. No, you can't be invisible everywhere.
Go up to the greenish portal, then keep going left until you reach the far end of the blue hall.
Notice -- SUBJECT #7272. This is just a nice detail to keep in mind.
Enter the subject room.
It looks like Phred is trapped. There's nothing you can do right now, though. He's protected by a barrier.
Pick up the key card on the ground and leave the room.
Head right once in the hall and enter the flower room.
You see the tray on that far back table? Take the tray on that far back table.
Do you also see the potted dirtflower? Take the potted dirtflower.
While you're at it, fill the tray with dirt by using it on the soil.
You can leave the room now.
Go right in the hall once more.
Notice -- SUBJECT #1831. This is another nice detail to keep in mind.
Enter the subject room.
Hm, it looks like Smiley is also asleep and trapped. She can't be helped yet either.
Move your mouse to the right side of the wall until the mouse message reads 'hidden door.'
Click. You'll get a steak. When the quick cutscene is over, leave the room.
Leave the blue hall and go right to the other side fo the big spacey-looking room.
Ignore the ugly monster and enter the orange hall, which is in the square orange-looking portal.
You've already been in the A Room That Has A Pit Of Acid room, so go right.
The Life-Transferring Station is tempting, but let's not go in there yet. Go right again.
Notice -- SUBJECT #6553. Keep this detail in mind.
Enter the subject room.
Who else could be shivering in the fetal position in a space station imprisonment bed but Zack?
Check under Zack's bed and you'll find the fourth screw.
Leave the room.
Now it's a good idea to go left and into the Life-Transferring Station.
To activate the machine, click on the power panel under the green arrow.
Place the four screws in each of the four differently-colored round slots.
When they glow, that means the machine is turned on, so you can exit the screen.
The living thing is the plant. Put the potted dirtflower right on the Living Thing counter.
The dead animal is the steak, but the steak won't survive unless it's in dirt.
Combine the steak and the tray of dirt. Then put the tray with the steak inside right on the Dead Animal counter.
Press the green arrow to transfer the flower's life to the steak.
Wasn't that fun? Now take the living steak with you as you leave the room.
(You can take the potted flower too, I guess, but it's completely useless from now on)
Exit the orange hall and go back to where the door of your room is.
Open the door by using the key card on the card key scanner next to the door.
When in your happy subject room, place the living steak where the vent shaft is.
The smell will spread. Leave the room.
Turn invisible with the statue.
Then all you have to do is close the door with the key card and the monster won't be going anywhere.
Head right and enter the newly unblocked doorway.
Cutscene. All you do is click through the dialogue (unless you're reading it, which isn't a bad idea).
Click on the number pad on the chair's right arm. (When I say the chair's right arm, I mean the one that's on your left)
Entering 6553 and pressing the checkmark will allow you to enter Zack's dream.
Entering 1831 and pressing the checkmark will allow you to enter Smiley's dream.
Entering 7272 and pressing the checkmark will allow you to enter Phred's dream.
You can go through them in any order. I'm going to state how to beat them in the order I typed them in just now.

Riddle School 5