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Scary Maze Exorcist Genres: Scary Pop Up Description: The classic original Scary Maze game featuring the exorcist as the scary pop up. Go through the maze, try not to touch the wall, then bam the scare will pop up. Really funny, but so creepy. Instruction: Scare kids and friends with this prank game. Have them go through the maze, tell them to. Original Scary Maze Game This is the original Portuguese version by Helder Luis. This is the one that was stolen and copied to make the blue version.

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Scary Maze Games

As you know, there are many flash games and java based games from the scary maze series. The truth is, we don’t know which one of these sequels belong to the original author. In fact, we’re not even sure who the real author of the original game is, (most likely it’s the Jeremy Winterrowd) but none of these makes real difference because the scary maze game is not the kind of game to talk about franchise or branding, too much fuss over a little flash game. Nonetheless, we’ve decided to give you short descriptions about SMG series from 1 to 6. There are more than 6 games in the series plus tens of variations, the problem is chronology of the series is slightly confusing.

The Scary Maze Game

According to our research the first and original game is the one without intro and other annoying stuff (see the image below), solid blue interface with only two options to click. The game does load nearly in instant. The first and the second levels are easy and now matter what you do, nothing happens, you just move on to the next level. Level three on the other hand is the one you’re looking for. It aint so easy, close to the end of the labyrinth, maze walls keep narrowing down and it gets real hard to pass it. Once you hit the wall or even finish the game without touching the walls it happens! (we all know what). Simplistic and minimalistic design and light blue interface is how you recognize the original scary maze game 1.

Scary Maze Game 2

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We could argue hours about which one of the series is the second scary maze, it doesn’t make any difference though; since most of the series are pretty much the same, no innovations, nothing original, even the images and the sound effects are the same (except few games with more quality imagery and slightly better sound conversion). Black n white interface with the red square, SMG 2 is also known as the Scary Maze Challenge. Nothing challenging or anything different from the original to be found in the game though.

Scary Maze Game 3

SMG 3 is probably the only game from the series worth a %[email protected]#… This one is also available for mobile phones and smart phones, it is also the one or very much alike you can buy on Yahoo and more importantly, SMG 3 is the most popular from the series after the original game. In fact, the SMG 3 is the only one worth even trying besides the first game because SMG 4,5,6 and others suck really bad.

More Scary Maze Games

Scary Maze Gamewatermelon Gaming

Scary Maze Gamewatermelon Gaming Games

Truth is, rest of the game series suck, developers / game makers didnt even spent enough time to make the game look a little bit prettier or uglier for that matter, not to mention scarier, the game is supposed to be scary after all. So we highly recommend skipping scary maze game 4,5,6 and series above 6.

Scary Maze Game Scary Maze Game 2 Scary Maze Game 3

The scary maze game is a lot of fun to play and many people wonder why it is scary. If you play the game well and make it to level 4 you will start to see strange things appear.

However, the scary maze game isn't easy and so you must be careful and use your skill and judgement to make it through each level without touching the walls.

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The scary maze game is not for the faint of heart. If you decide to continue be warned... the maze contains a shocking secret that only you can reveal!

Use your mouse to move the dot through the maze game without touching those pesky walls. The deeper you go into the maze the stranger things will become!!!

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Scary Maze Gamewatermelon Gaming

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