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Class Charts helps organise students into appropriate learning groups and minimizes school behaviour issues. The seating plans you create in Class Charts are also a behavior management tool which you can use collaboratively with colleagues in your department or school to track and analyse student behaviour over time. Every element of your seating chart can be customized from table colors to chair sizes. Learn more about Event Services Solution Download this PDF for a full overview of Event Services Solution, that you can share with your team.

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  4. Free Classroom Seating Chart App
  5. Seating Chart App Free
  6. Seating Chart App Free

The term “classroom management” implies a process used by teachers to ensure students are learning during instruction even while disruptive behavior is occurring. Teachers use a variety of strategies and techniques to prevent distracting behaviors or to impose consequences for said behavior. Classroom management has become increasingly more important as the stakes continue to rise for students to score better and achieve higher. At the same time, management has become more difficult during the technology-rich era of instant gratification.

Enter classroom management technology. These web-based programs and apps allow teachers to take the burden off of classroom management and focus on instruction.

Google Classroom – Google Classroom is a platform for teachers to create, distribute, and grade assignments paperlessly. Students can receive assignments and other information with their device or desktop. You must have a Google Education account to use this program and sign up is free.

Edmodo – Edmodo is a secure, social learning platform for teachers and students. Teachers can share information, post assignments, and store vital information for parents and students to access. It is similar to Facebook but a controlled environment that is school appropriate.

Too Noisy – The Too Noisy App ($3.99) is a noise level meter that tracks the sound level in the classroom. The app will indicate noise level increases beyond the acceptable level.

The Great Behavior Game – For K-5 students, the Great Behavior Game rewards students for displaying on-task behavior during instructional times. Monitor student progress, generate and print reports, and send home weekly progress reports.

Teacher’s Assistant – “Document student behavior and communicate with parents. Teacher’s Assistant helps you track behavior, notice trends, communicate with parents, and manage your students.” You can create categories to monitor recurring behaviors like talking, bullying, etc. It also allows you to log positive behavior. Try the free version (iOS) or upgrade to Pro on iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Class Dojo – Encourage positive student behavior using a virtual reward system. Using private, digital student portfolios, students can showcase their work for their parents to see. Teachers can share photos, videos, announcements, and message parents. Class Dojo can translate into any language. Download the app for use on your device or log in using your desktop computer.

Teacher Kit – This is great for K-12 and beyond. Manage multiple classes and students simultaneously. Log student attendance, record grades, track behavior, create student seating charts, and print and share reports. You can download the app on your device or use Teacher Kit on the web.

Learn Boost – LearnBoost allows teachers to create and manage lessons, track grades, share student progress with parents, and monitor attendance in a secure platform.

What is your favorite classroom management program or app?

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Edraw is used as a seating plan software coming with ready-made seating plan templates that make it easy for anyone to create beautiful seating plan. The seating plan templates are easy to use and free. Edraw can also convert all these templates into PowerPoint, PDF or Word templates.

Edraw Seating Plan Template

Start From Free Edraw Seating Plan Template

Restaurant Seating Chart App Free

Creating a seating plan in Edraw is easy. It only takes a few minutes to create wall structure, add tables, and customize the room.

If you want to use a ready made template, go to seating plan templates page and choose the Seating Plan that best suits you.

PowerPoint Seating Plan Template

Easy to Create Seating Plan in PowerPoint

When you finish creating your seating plan in Edraw, one click on the Export button will transfer your drawing into MS PowerPoint presentation.

You need to consider few things when creating a seating plan.

Word Seating Plan Template

Seating Chart App Free

Personalize your Seating Plan and Give it the Look and Feel that You Want

Wedding Seating Chart App Free

To customize our template, you need to download Edraw software and use its powerful tools. All templates in the software gallery windows are easy to change color, theme and effect.


PDF Seating Plan Template

Create Seating Plan for PDF

Free Classroom Seating Chart App

Only clicking on the Export PDF button will convert your seating plan template into PDF.

Free Classroom Seating Chart App

You can view the PDF Seating Plan Template to view the quality.

Seating Chart App Free

Best Seating Plan Solution

Seating Chart App Free

If you are still looking for a seating plan drawing tool, here is your way out. Edraw offers an easy solution in making all kinds of seating plans including theatre seating plan, class room seating plan, wedding seating plan, canteen seating plan, and much more. It provides plenty of vector symbols commonly used in seating plan construction, such as wall structure, windows and doors, tables and seats, every element with more than one style. Besides, built-in dimension tools ensure accurate measurements. Whenever you're embarking on seating planning, Edraw will be your absolute choice.