Send Slides To Onenote For Mac

In Bring to OneNote for PowerPoint, we can use 2 features to send PowerPoint slides as images to OneNote.

OneNote for Mac supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a process that recognizes text shown in pictures. OneNote can extract the text it recognizes in pictures so you can paste it elsewhere in your notes (or into another app), where you can edit and format the text as needed. 'Send as Images to OneNote' Convert Slides to Images into OneNote After installed Bring to OneNote. Run OneNote, and Navigate to a section. Run PowerPoint, Open a PPT file, click 'View' tab - 'Send as Images to OneNote' feature. Level 2 OneNote support does not have access to the file formats for the.bin files that OneNote for Windows uses, nor do they have access to the file format information for files that OneNote 2016 uses. This prevents us from writing a Python script to export all of our notes from OneNote for Windows, should this happen to anyone else.

  • Send to OneNote, this feature print current PPT file into OneNote, and save as Printout.
  • Send as Images to OneNote, this feature convert PPT slides to images and save into OneNote.

'Send to OneNote' Print PPT as Printout
In PowerPoint, click 'View' tab -> 'Bring to OneNote' menu -> 'Send to OneNoteSend Slides To Onenote For Mac' feature, it will print current PPT into OneNote, 1 PPT slide save as 1 Printout.Printouts
OneNote's printouts are images, but the Printout is different with general image.
  • If you have print a file to OneNote and save all printouts in one OneNote page. The printouts contains serial information, when you delete one of them, OneNote will prompt you that you have lost one printout.
  • If you save printouts into multiple OneNote pages, OneNote will not prompt you when you delete printouts.
  • The printouts are very slowly when you open or scroll to read in the older computer.
'Send as Images to OneNote' Convert Slides to Images into OneNote
After installed Bring to OneNote.
  • Run OneNote, and Navigate to a section.
  • Run PowerPoint, Open a PPT file, click 'View' tab -> 'Send as Images to OneNote' feature.

Send Slides To Onenote For Mac This feature will convert current PPT slides to images, 1 slide convert to 1 image. After converted completely, this feature next create a new page in OneNote, and save all images into this new page.Image PPT Slides Page
  • The generated OneNote page has small size.
  • Open and scroll to read faster than Printouts.
  • No print margins.
  • You can use it instead of print when 'Send to OneNote' cannot works.

  • Fuzzy than Printouts.
Other Features for These Images
Gem for OneNote provide 'Printout Group' features can process this images.
  • Resize single image according to the percentage.
  • Resize all images according the selected image.
  • Arrange all images to one column.
  • Arrange all images to two column.
  • Set all images as background.
  • Cancel set all images as background.
  • Split images, an images save as one OneNote page.
  • Show OCR text right of images according the image position.

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If you attend a meeting that includes a presentation, you will be viewing that information in Microsoft PowerPoint. As an attendee, you will probably want to take notes. That is where OneNote can come in handy and make note taking easier. OneNote can also help you as a presenter. It can help you as you develop your presentation.

i. Adding notes directly to PowerPoint slides in OneNote

You can print the slides directly to OneNote so that you can have an actual copy of the slide deck in OneNote. Four slides per page is a reasonable size to view and take notes on the slide.

1. From PowerPoint go to [File] tab, [Print] -> and choose the Handout style you want to print to OneNote.

2. Then choose print, and from the Printer drop down list, select [Send to OneNote 2010].

3. Use OneNotes Quick Filing system to place the slide handouts where you want them. You will have a copy of the presentation and you can add notes directly in OneNote.

ii. Link PowerPoint and OneNote for note taking

Another way to use PowerPoint and OneNote together is by using the Linked Note taking.

You can access linked notes right from the [Review] tab in PowerPoint.

With Linked notes, you can have OneNote open and docked to the side of your computer screen while you also have the PowerPoint presentation open—and use OneNote to add any notes.

You can add an audio or video recording of the meeting right to your notes, so you have an actual recording of what was covered at the meeting, as well as the slides and your notes.

iii. Share your notes and slides.

Send Slides To Onenote For Mac Download

Send slides to onenote for mac shortcut

After all the note taking and recording of the meeting, share your notes by emailing it to your e-mail colleagues or to yourself. You can either email your notes directly to them or if you are on a shared drive, just send a link to the notebook to them.

Go to [File] tab -> [Send] – and choose from the following.

iv. Use OneNote to help develop your presentation

Send Slides To Onenote For Mac Windows 10

As a presenter, you may find that using OneNote can help in this process of developing a PowerPoint presentation. In addition, you can print your slides and presentation notes to OneNote. This way, you can have all of your initial slides and notes in one place and be able to use this as an outline to further develop your presentation—just scroll down the single OneNote page to see all of your slides and notes instead of clicking through each individual slide in PowerPoint.

Send Slides To Onenote For Mac Os

To print both slides and presentation notes to OneNote, in PowerPoint, from the [File] menu, under [Print] Settings, choose [Notes Pages] and then print to OneNote.