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Reduce the brightness of your screen below the minimum with Shady for Mac, which you can download for free.

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Alternatives to Shady for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, Android Tablet and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to Shady. List updated: 10/5/2019 3:23:00 AM. When you’re downloading a PKG file from a reliable source, you really have nothing to worry about, but you might still need to grab them from other sources now and again.

Shady for Mac is a simple application that is designed to reduce the brightness of your screen far below the usual minimum in OS X. It only takes a few seconds to install, and you can always access the brightness settings in the menu bar or by using the arrow keys.

We did notice one minor problem with Shady for Mac. Remember not to take any screenshots while using this application, because these will also be saved with a different brightness level, which can be annoying to discover later on.


Even though Shady for Mac is a nice application, we really do not think that most users will need to reduce their Mac’s brightness below the minimum, but it might be useful if you are tired or using your Mac in very dark places.

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Misleading iOS 'security' apps are about to be a thing of the past.

Apple has updated its developer guidelines with a new policy that bans deceptive 'virus-scanning' apps for the first time.

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From the latest App Store guidelines:

You should not market your app on the App Store or offline as including content or services that it does not actually offer (e.g. iOS-based virus and malware scanners). Egregious or repeated behavior is grounds for removal from the Developer Program. We work hard to make the App Store a trustworthy ecosystem and expect our app developers to follow suit; if you’re dishonest, we don’t want to do business with you.

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A quick search of the App Store also suggests that Apple has been quietly removing many of the apps that purport to have such capabilities, as search terms like 'virus scanner' and 'malware finder' no longer turn up results for these types of apps.

It's incredibly misleading for apps to advertise themselves as having these types of features

As the company notes in its guidelines, it's incredibly misleading for apps to advertise themselves as having these types of features. Not because it's impossible for malicious code to find its way into the App Store (though rare, it has happened), but because Apple's developer policies make it literally impossible for any third-party app to identify such malicious code in the first place.

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What's most surprising is that it's taken Apple this long to crack down on these types of apps in the first place. Although they weren't always a big problem, it became a bigger issue over the last year as Apple automated more if its app review process, making it easier for ill-intentioned developers to sneak scammy apps into the store.

Apple's new search ads, which allows developers to advertise their apps against popular search terms in the App Store, further complicated the issue. As we highlighted back in June, a number of developers were abusing search ads by promoting scammy 'virus cleaner' and 'antivirus' apps that tricked users into paying huge subscription fees for services they didn't provide.

But by now cracking down on the entire category, the company is finally working to get these apps out for good.