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Push your Shopping Cart down the hill and Jump in! Upgrade your cart with Rockets wheels, and Bring friends along for the ride. Shopping Cart Hero 2: Shopping Cart Hero: The sequel. Shopping Cart Hero 2 is one of our selected Arcade Games. Play for Free, and Have Fun!


Shopping Cart Hero comes to mobile as an addicting jumper thats perfect for any free moment. Jump your cart and perform tricks to earn massive points for ultimate fame! Upgrade your cart to find.

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Take your shopping cart downhill, up a ramp and make huge jumps and stunts!
The better your performance the more money you can spend on upgrading your cart.

You know you've always wanted to try this in real life :)

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Use the arrow keys to run, jump into your cart and jump off the ramp.

Earn money to upgrade your cart to make huge jumps and stunts!

Shopping Cart Hero is an online action game developed by MonkeyWantBanana, and has been played 3588874 times on
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Shopping Cart Hero&& Try The Games To Play

We introduce the next version of this fantastic game Shopping Cart Hero 5. Yes, here is new character to play and new situation, you need to break new records. It is not the newest version and we will provide also the other ones soon. So, be patient and for now, play this version. Here you will get too many things, like new shops, new characters, new skills and so on.

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This game will really make you feel fun and addictive. Here you have new skills and functions, so, start playing and enjoy with it.
To play this game, you need keyboard arrows and also mouse. It is played by Flash player. The game is really too easy and addictive. Good Luck!