Silverlight For Mac El Capitan


Posted December 7, 2008 by Jimmy S in Apple Mac

Silverlight For Mac El Capitan

This is a quickie guide on how to install Microsoft’s Silverlight 2.0+ browser plugin for non-Intel based systems running OSX (including PowerPC and Hackintosh setups, ie Atom cpus and AMD).

If your a Mac user running an older PowerPC setup (ie G5 or older system) or are running OSX on windows hardware, you prob noticed you can’t install Silverlight 2.0 due to the processor check. This can be a bummer since Netflix for OSX only works using the Silverlight 2.0 framework.

This recipe explains how to remove the CPU check in the installation package.

Look for Install Silverlight in the lower-right section of the window. If you are running an Intel processor, click Mac Runtimefound next to Silverlight 3. If not, click Runtime for Mac PowerPClocate next to Silverlight 1.0. Once the download is complete, installation will automatically begin. Follow the steps outlined in the installation wizard. Silverlight not working in Safari - El Capitan I'm trying to watch Grimm on Amazon Instant Video but Silverlight refuses to run in Safari on 10.11 and when I play via Firefox it has a glitch where the toolbar shows while in fullscreen. Now, after updating my 8 year old iMac to El Capitan, when I click on IB, it opens to 80% and I get a message that I must download and verify 'Silverlight' before IB can be opened. I have read in several places that Silverlight is not a safe download, and not to install it. I am trying to find My Templates in El Capitan. They used to be in LibraryApplication SupportMicrosoftOfficeMy Templates. 'Office' is no longer in the Application Support. There is only HV1, MAU2, MERP2, Office Converter Support, Play Ready, and Silverlight. Silverlight only takes up 409 KB of space on your hard drive. Upgrade to El Capitan and then test whether you need it or not for Netflix. I was thinking about upgrading to El Capitan.

1. Download the Silverlight 2.0 DMG file from Microsoft

2. Mount the DMG file (double click it)

3. Copy the pkg file ( Silverlight2.0.pkg ) to your desktop.

Silverlight Mac El Capitan Download

4. Right-click (or ctrl+click) on the .pkg file on your desktop and choose “Show Package Contents

5. Browse to: Contents > Resources and then Right-click on “InstallationCheck” and choose to “Move to Trash

This removes the CPU check that prevents the install.

Now close that Finder window and run the .pkg file we just edited. Silverlight should now install without any problems!

This technique may be applicable to other applications w/installation checks.

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Silverlight Mac El Capitan

I have had some issues with silverlight for a while now that i have not been able to solve. i have tried uninstalling completely and reinstalled several different versions of it and still am not able to use anything that requires silverlight working on my mac. if anyone can decipher crash logs please let me know and i will post them. main problems are watching Netflix in any browser and not able to run fender fuse application. both require silverlight and dont work currently. when i open fender fuse and close it i get a crash log pop up and the same when i right click on Netflix loading screen for silverlight preferences.