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Jan 06, 2021 For the best Mac client experiences and an always up-to-date infrastructure, we recommend all customers migrate to Office 365. Skype for Business Server 2015 customers should at a minimum download and install the Skype for Business Server 2015 Cumulative Update version 9319.272 or higher. Training: Get up and running quickly on Skype for Business for Mac with this Quick Start. Manage appointments, plans, budgets — it’s easy with Microsoft 365. Try one month free. Skype for Business on Mac Single Window mode (or tabbed conversations view) is supported for Microsoft 365 and Skype for Business Server 2015 when server-side conversation history is turned on. Admin: Is the new notification style changes supported? The notification style change from Alerts to Banners applies to new installed applications.


Read this topic to learn about hardware, software, and infrastructure requirements for running Skype for Business on a Mac.

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Skype For Business 2015 free download - Skype (Classic), Skype Recorder, iSkoot for Skype (BlackBerry), and many more programs.

Skype For Business For Mac 2015 Supportsportfasr Free

The Skype for Business on Mac Client is available for download.

Hardware and software requirements for Skype for Business on Mac

The Skype for Business on Mac client requires Mac OS X El Capitan and higher, and uses at least 100MB of disk space. We support the use of all built-in audio and video devices. External devices must be in the Skype for Business Solutions Catalog.


This list is preliminary and some devices may be qualified for Lync, but not supported on Skype for Business on the Mac.Refer to the System requirements for the minimum hardware required.

Legacy Mac clients

Skype for Business Server 2015 also supports the following legacy clients on computers that are running Mac OS 10.5.8 or latest service pack or release (Intel-based) operating systems (Mac OS 10.9 operating system is not currently supported). For details about supported features, see Desktop client feature comparison for Skype for Business.

  • Microsoft Lync for Mac 2011 (see Lync for Mac 2011 Deployment Guide)

  • Microsoft Communicator for Mac 2011 (see Communicator for Mac 2011 Deployment Guide)

These clients are not supported by Skype for Business Server 2019.

Infrastructure requirements for Skype for Business on Mac

The Skype for Business on Mac client leverages both the Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP) as well as the Unified Communications Web API (UCWA) that our mobility clients use.

The client has the same requirements as our mobility clients in that you must have an Access Edge Server and Reverse Proxy deployed in a supported configuration.


The Skype for Business on Mac client supports Cert-based authentication, Microsoft Modern Authentication, and Multi-Factor Authentication when deployed and enabled.


Due to a current limitation, the user's Exchange credentials must be the same as their Skype for Business credentials.


Certificates in use on the Access Edge, Reverse Proxy and Front End servers must not use the SHA-512 hash algorithm.

The HTTP Certificate Revocation List must be defined and accessible by the client. For example, we don't support an LDAP entry in the certificate as your Certificate Revocation List.



Mobility must be properly deployed for the Skype for Business on the Mac client to function properly. A common failure scenario is to have both of the following DNS entries resolvable on the internal network:

  • lyncdiscoverinternal.<sipdomain>

  • lyncdiscover.<sipdomain>

For more information, refer to: Deploying Mobility in Lync Server 2013, and the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Mobility Guide.

Skype For Business For Mac 2015 Supportsportfasr Download

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The peripherals certification program ensures that USB peripherals such as headsets, speakerphones, webcams, and monitors, offer rich audio or video quality. Certified devices work out of the box (plug & play) with no additional configuration required, and offer call control with Skype for Business and Lync clients. The products provide a great experience for end-users and administrators.


Looking for certified devices for Microsoft Teams? Check out USB audio and video devices certified for Microsoft Teams.

Device qualifications

Updated August 2020
ManufacturerModelQualifiedCertified Program
ViewSonicWCD-IFP867007/31/2020Skype for Business
ViewSonicWCD- IFP657007/31/2020Skype for Business
CrestronCCS-UCA-MIC12/18/2019Skype for Business
SharpWCD PN-CD70110/15/2019Skype for Business
SennheiserSC 665 USB A09/29/2019Skype for Business
SennheiserSC 665 USB C09/29/2019Skype for Business
SennheiserTeamsConnect Ceiling 209/19/2019Skype for Business
PlantronicsSavi 8240 Office08/22/2019Skype for Business
PlantronicsSavi 8240 UC08/22/2019Skype for Business
PlantronicsSavi 8220 UC07/26/2019Skype for Business
PlantronicsSavi 8210 UC07/26/2019Skype for Business
SennheiserSP 3007/25/2019Skype for Business
YealinkUVC50 +CPW9007/01/2019Skype for Business
YealinkUSB PTZ Camera07/01/2019Skype for Business
YealinkUVC5007/01/2019Skype for Business
CrestronUC-SB106/24/2019Skype for Business
CrestronUC-SB1-CAM06/24/2019Skype for Business
LenovoPro Headset06/20/2019Skype for Business
SennheiserSDW 3 Series06/13/2019Skype for Business
LogitechZone Wireless05/06/2019Skype for Business
YealinkYHS33-USB04/30/2019Skype for Business
YealinkUVC8004/27/2019Skype for Business
YealinkMSpeaker04/27/2019Skype for Business
YealinkVCM3404/27/2019Skype for Business
YealinkUSB PTZ Camera04/27/2019Skype for Business
YealinkVCM3404/27/2019Skype for Business
CrestronCCS-UC-104/01/2019Skype for Business
CrestronHuddly IQ04/01/2019Skype for Business
JabraEvolve 65e03/08/2019Skype for Business
SennheiserSDW 503602/19/2019Skype for Business
SennheiserSDW 506602/19/2019Skype for Business
PolycomTrio 850002/19/2019Skype for Business
SennheiserSC 660 ANC USB02/14/2019Skype for Business
DellUC15001/18/2019Skype for Business
PlantronicsBlackwire 772501/16/2019Skype for Business
JabraSpeak 71012/05/2018Skype for Business
SennheiserSC160 USB C11/27/2018Skype for Business
JabraEvolve 65T11/26/2018Skype for Business
SennheiserSC13011/26/2018Skype for Business
SennheiserSC13511/26/2018Skype for Business
PlantronicsCalisto 320011/02/2018Skype for Business
PolycomEagleEye Mini10/30/2018Skype for Business
JabraEngage 5010/29/2018Skype for Business
SennheiserSDW 501610/04/2018Skype for Business
SennheiserSDW 501510/04/2018Skype for Business
JabraBiz 1500 Mono9/19/2018Skype for Business
JabraBiz 1500 Duo9/19/2018Skype for Business
PlantronicsSavi 82109/18/2018Skype for Business
PlantronicsSavi 82209/18/2018Skype for Business
PlantronicsCalisto 7200-M9/1/2018Skype for Business
PlantronicsVoyager 42106/26/2018Skype for Business
PlantronicsVoyager 42206/26/2018Skype for Business
LogitechRally Camera6/5/2018Skype for Business
JabraEngage 65 Convertible4/13/2018Skype for Business
JabraEngage 65 Mono4/13/2018Skype for Business
JabraEngage 65 Stereo4/13/2018Skype for Business
JabraEngage 75 Convertible4/13/2018Skype for Business
JabraEngage 75 Mono4/13/2018Skype for Business
JabraEngage 75 Stereo4/13/2018Skype for Business
SennheiserSDW 501504/12/2018Skype for Business
PolycomVoxBox Speakerphone2/12/2018Skype for Business
SennheiserSDW 501504/12/2018Skype for Business
JabraBiz 2400+Link260 USB01/09/2018Skype for Business
JabraBiz 2300+Link260 USB01/09/2018Skype for Business
PlantronicsVoyager 6200 UC1/5/2018Skype for Business
PlantronicsBlackwire C32251/3/2018Skype for Business
PlantronicsBlackwire C32201/3/2018Skype for Business
PlantronicsBlackwire C32151/3/2018Skype for Business
PlantronicsBlackwire C32101/3/2018Skype for Business
PlantronicsBlackwire 3200 Series1/3/2018Skype for Business
PlantronicsBlackwire 5200 Series1/3/2018Skype for Business
JabraEvolve 75e12/15/2017Skype for Business
PlantronicsBlackwire 522009/29/2017Skype for Business
PlantronicsBlackwire 521009/29/2017Skype for Business
SennheiserSC 635 USB11/28/2017Skype for Business
SennheiserSC 665 USB11/28/2017Skype for Business
SennheiserSC 635 USB09/29/2017Skype for Business
SennheiserSC 665 USB-C09/29/2017Skype for Business
SennheiserSc 635 USB-C09/29/2017Skype for Business
PlantronicsVoyager 8200 UC7/26/2017Skype for Business
YamahaYVC-1000MS Speakerphone7/7/2017Skype for Business
LogitechPTZ Pro 2 Camera6/20/2017Skype for Business
LogitechMeetUp6/7/2017Skype for Business
JabraEVOLVE 75 MS Stereo6/1/2017Skype for Business
PlantronicsDA90 with HW520D3/31/2017Skype for Business
JabraSpeak 7103/24/2017Skype for Business
PlantronicsEncorePro 510 with DA903/17/2017Skype for Business
PlantronicsEncorePro 710 with DA903/17/2017Skype for Business
PlantronicsEncorePro 720 with DA903/17/2017Skype for Business
PlantronicsEncorePro HW710D with DA903/17/2017Skype for Business
PlantronicsEncorePro HW720D with DA903/17/2017Skype for Business
PlantronicsEncorePro HW510D with DA903/17/2017Skype for Business
PlantronicsEncorePro HW520D with DA903/17/2017Skype for Business
PlantronicsEncorePro HW530D(OTE) with DA903/17/2017Skype for Business
PlantronicsEncorePro HW540D (Convertable) with DA903/17/2017Skype for Business
PolycomRealPresence Trio 88003/9/2017Skype for Business
DellUC150 Pro stereo Headset3/3/2017Skype for Business
SennheiserSpeakerphone SP 220 MS2/17/2017Skype for Business
DellAE5151/31/2017Skype for Business
PolycomSpeakerphone Trio CX880012/20/2016Skype for Business
LogitechBRIO12/7/2016Skype for Business
JabraHP UC Wireless Duo Headset12/4/2016Lync
JabraHP Mono BT12/4/2016Lync
JabraSPEAK 510 MS11/01/2016
SennheiserMB 660 UC MS9/23/2016Skype for Business
JabraEVOLVE 30 II MS9/16/2016Lync
SennheiserCULTURE PLUS SC 45 USB MS7/20/2016Skype for Business
SennheiserCULTURE PLUS SC 75 USB MS7/20/2016Skype for Business
PlantronicsEncorePro 515 USB7/13/2016Skype for Business
PlantronicsEncorePro 525 USB7/13/2016Skype for Business
PlantronicsEncorePro 535 USB7/13/2016Skype for Business
PlantronicsEncorePro 545 USB7/13/2016Skype for Business
PlantronicsEncorePro 715 USB7/13/2016Skype for Business
PlantronicsEncorePro 725 USB7/13/2016Skype for Business
PlantronicsVoyager 5200 UC5/17/2016Skype for Business
LogitechC925e Webcam2/8/2016Skype for Business
LogitechGROUP2/5/2016Skype for Business
JabraPro 930 Duo MS9/2/2015Skype for Business
SennheiserCULTURE PLUS SC 40 USB MS9/2/2015Skype for Business
SennheiserCULTURE PLUS SC 70 USB MS9/2/2015Skype for Business
SennheiserCENTURY SC 630 with USB-ED CC 01 MS7/20/2015Skype for Business
SennheiserCENTURY SC 660 with USB-ED CC 01 MS7/20/2015Skype for Business
SennheiserCIRCLE SC 230 with USB-ED CC 01 MS7/20/2015Skype for Business
SennheiserCIRCLE SC 260 with USB-ED CC 01 MS7/20/2015Skype for Business
SennheiserCIRCLE SC 230 USB MS II7/15/2015Skype for Business
SennheiserCIRCLE SC 260 USB MS II7/15/2015Skype for Business
PlantronicsBlackwire C315-M7/14/2015Skype for Business
PlantronicsBlackwire C325-M7/14/2015Skype for Business
PlantronicsVoyager Focus UC7/7/2015Skype for Business
JabraBiz 2400 II USB Microsoft4/30/2015Lync
LogitechPTZ Pro3/11/2015Lync
JabraVoice 7502/13/2015Lync
JabraSpeak 5102/13/2015Lync
JabraEVOLVE 30 MS Mono2/1/2015Lync
JabraEVOLVE 30 MS Stereo2/1/2015Lync
JabraStealth UC MS2/1/2015Lync
LogitechConferenceCam Connect2/1/2015Lync
PlantronicsBlackwire C725-M2/1/2015Lync
PlantronicsCalisto P610-M2/1/2015Lync
PlantronicsVoyager 32002/1/2015Lync
PolycomCX5500 Unified Conference Station11/19/2014Skype for Business
SennheiserD 10 USB ML11/18/2014Lync
JabraEVOLVE 20 MS Mono10/7/2014Lync
JabraEVOLVE 20 MS Stereo10/7/2014Lync
JabraEVOLVE 40 MS Mono10/7/2014Lync
JabraEVOLVE 40 MS Stereo10/7/2014Lync
JabraEVOLVE 65 MS Mono10/7/2014Lync
JabraEVOLVE 65 MS Stereo10/7/2014Lync
JabraEVOLVE 80 MS Stereo10/7/2014Lync
LogitechUSB Headset Mono H570e7/28/2014Lync
LogitechUSB Headset Stereo H570e7/28/2014Lync
PolycomCX300 R26/11/2014Skype for Business
PolycomCX5100 Unified Conference Station5/19/2014Skype for Business
SennheiserSpeakerphone SP 10 ML5/1/2014Lync
SennheiserSpeakerphone SP 20 ML5/1/2014Lync
JabraMOTION OFFICE MS4/09/2014Lync
SennheiserMB Pro 1 UC ML3/17/2014Lync
SennheiserMB Pro 2 UC ML3/17/2014Lync
JabraPRO 935 MS2/19/2014Lync
LogitechCC3000e12/27/2013Skype for Business
JabraBIZ 2300 Duo USB12/16/2013Lync
JabraBIZ 2300 Mono USB12/16/2013Lync
JabraDIAL 550 MS12/16/2013Lync
LogitechMobile Speakerphone P710e10/24/2013Skype for Business
SennheiserCentury SC 630 USB ML9/16/2013Lync
SennheiserCentury SC 660 USB ML9/16/2013Lync
SennheiserSD Office ML8/1/2013Lync
SennheiserSD Pro 1 ML8/1/2013Lync
SennheiserSD Pro 2 ML8/1/2013Lync
SennheiserPRESENCE UC ML7/8/2013Lync
JabraSPEAK 510 Plus MS5/1/2013Lync
LogitechWireless Headset H820e Dual2/18/2013Skype for Business
LogitechWireless Headset H820e Mono2/18/2013Skype for Business
LogitechWebcam C930e2/1/2013Skype for Business
LogitechUSB Headset H650e Mono2/1/2013Skype for Business
LogitechUSB Headset H650e Stereo2/1/2013Skype for Business
JabraMotion UC1/1/2013Lync
PlantronicsBlackwire C510-M1/1/2013Lync
PlantronicsBlackwire C520-M1/1/2013Lync
PlantronicsSavi W710-M1/1/2013Lync
PlantronicsSavi W720-M1/1/2013Lync
PlantronicsSavi W730-M1/1/2013Lync
PlantronicsSavi W740-M1/1/2013Lync
PlantronicsSavi W745-M1/1/2013Lync
PlantronicsBlackwire C710-M12/1/2012Lync
PlantronicsBlackwire C720-M12/1/2012Lync
PlantronicsVoyager Legend UC (B235-M)12/1/2012Lync
PlantronicsCalisto P620-M10/1/2012Lync
SennheiserCulture SC 30 USB ML10/1/2012Lync
SennheiserCulture SC 60 USB ML10/1/2012Lync
PlantronicsCalisto 240 (P240-M)8/1/2012Lync
PlantronicsClarity P340-M8/1/2012Lync
JabraUC VOICE 750 MS Mono or Duo6/1/2012Lync
JabraSUPREME UC MS4/1/2012Lync
PlantronicsBlackwire C310-M3/1/2012Lync
PlantronicsBlackwire C320-M3/1/2012Lync
JabraVOICE 150 MS Mono or Duo10/1/2011
JabraVOICE 550 MS Mono or Duo10/1/2011
JabraBIZ 2400 Mono or Duo8/1/2011
JabraPRO 9450 Mono or Duo8/1/2011
MicrosoftLifeCam HD-30008/1/2011
JabraPRO 930 MS7/1/2011
JabraUC VOICE 250 MS7/1/2011
PlantronicsBlackwire C435-M7/1/2011
SennheiserDW Office ML5/1/2011
SennheiserDW Pro 1 ML5/1/2011
SennheiserDW Pro 2 ML5/1/2011
LogitechB525 HD Webcam4/1/2011
MicrosoftLifeChat LX-40003/1/2011
MicrosoftLifeChat LX-60003/1/2011
MicrosoftLifeCam Studio1/1/2011
PlantronicsSavi W410-M11/1/2010
PlantronicsSavi W420-M11/1/2010
PlantronicsSavi W430-M11/1/2010
PlantronicsSavi W440-M11/1/2010
PlantronicsSavi W445-M11/1/2010
JabraPRO 9460 Mono and Duo10/1/2010
JabraPRO 9465 Duo10/1/2010
JabraPRO 9470 Mono10/1/2010
JabraSPEAK 410 MS10/1/2010
MicrosoftLifeCam Cinema8/01/2009

End-User Experience

  • Automatic selection of default audio device and prioritization if multiple audio peripherals are present.
  • Plug and play: once connected, a device registers on the Skype for Business client and is ready to use.
  • Audio devices (e.g., headsets, and speakerphones) offer Basic call control across when used with a PC and/or a Mac device, including at least with answer/hang-up, mute/unmute, and volume control.
  • Audio quality (embedded in the device): no echo or excessive glitches, echo cancellation across devices, wideband audio with no echo or distortion or glitches.
  • Video quality: Noise, color, image detail, jitter, latency, frame rate, field of view.

Administrator Experience

  • No provisioning required
  • Firmware and fixes
    All devices support firmware update to allow new features and performance improvements.

All of these specifications apply equally for Lync 2013 and Skype for Business, hence all USB peripherals that are qualified for Lync 2013 are also certified for Skype for Business.

Skype For Business For Mac 2015 Supportsportfasr Update

Browse devices certified for Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams.

If you are a vendor seeking to join the certification program, see How to Join for requirements and available programs.

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