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DC has had their fair share of excellent superhero games, and Marvel wants their shot at the same thing. Enlisting developer Insomniac (Ratchet and Clank, Spyro the Dragon), they want to create a Spider-Man game to end all Spider-Man games. It features a complex combat system that sees Peter utilizing the environment to take down his foes.

Marvel said that they were going to include every Spider-Man possible in the Spider-Verse event.

  1. Trapdoor spiders (family Ctenizidae) build silk-lined burrows in the ground with trapdoor covers made of soil and vegetation. When the spiders feel vibrations caused by passing prey, they will leap out, capture the prey and take it down into the burrow.
  2. Aurra Sing is a Jedi assassin. Spider-Man has his spidey sense but she is a master of sneaking up on people with supernatural senses. IF the contingent to ruining her stealth game is tagging.
  3. FF2: Earth 8351 is the official designation of Assassin Spider-Man's Earth. FF3: Spider-Man played a large role in helping Captain Marvel in Civil War II and backed her with his company. FF4: Galina Tsarfin is a clone of Black Widow from Earth-1078.
  4. Miles Morales will take on the role of another featured Spider-Man within the Insomniac Games universe in the upcoming spin-off title, Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. He first appeared in Spider-Man (2018). A pre-spider bite Miles is playable at certain points in the game with an emphasis on stealth gameplay.

Boy, they weren’t bluffing.

From today’s “Amazing Spider-Man #9,” which officially launches the Spider-Verse event, fans received a look at even more Spider-Men who would join the multiversal fight against Morlun. When Morlun confront the Great Weaver Spider-Diety, she spins a web that reveals the Spider-Men who belong to its Great Web of Life and Destiny.

But the Great Web has a lot of obscurities in it. Of the various Spider-Men included in web, many are rarely-seen versions of the character. It even looks like Marvel has thrown some new Spider-Men into mix, mashing up Peter Park with other Marvel--and DC--characters.

Locating all of the Spider-Men was certainly a lot of work for Spider-Man editor Nick Lowe, who poured over hundreds of Spider-Man comics in preparation.

'We tried to help all of them make the cut, where space will allow. There are so many coming, your head is going to spin,' Lowe told 'But the ones who have the largest roles were chosen very carefully both for their importance to Spidey-fans and the different character elements that we needed. And then just Slott’s favorites.'

When asked if he had a favorite out of the dozens of new characters, Lowe's choice was simple: Spider-Gwen, the breakout character from 'Edge of Spider-Verse #2' who was just awarded her own series.

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'Spider-Gwen is the obvious answer, right? Aside from that SP//dr is a fave. You’ll see both through Spider-Verse! And Olivier created a Spider you’ll first see in ASM #10 who is really awesome, too,' he revealed.

To help you better grasp the stakes at hand in Spider-Verse, we cracked open our encyclopedia and ID’d as many players possible.

Starting Clockwise from the Great Weaver:

1) A female character wearing Spider-Man’s stealth suit from “Spider-Man: Big Time.”

2) Werewolf Spider-Man/Peter Parker, from Earth 7085, which first appeared in “Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #5.”

3) SP//dr, from “Edge of Spider-Verse #5.”

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4) A Rorschach-inspired Spider-Man, apparently riffing off of “Watchmen.”
5) Pirate Spider-Man.

6) Corto Maltese Spider-Man.

7) Carnage Spider-Man, from the Ultimate Spider-Man television series.
8) Japanese Spider-Man, from the 1970’s TOEI live-action TV series.
9) A Human Torch-powered Spider-Man.

10) The retired, “Grandpa Martin” Spider-Man, featured in a back-up tale from Spider-Man #700.

11) A Grifter/Spider-Man Hybrid.

12) Tarzan Spider-Man.

13 )A Kraven The Hunter/Spider-Man Hybrid.

14) A Doctor Octopus Spider-Man of Earth 11983, featured in Spider-Man: The Animated Series episode “Spider Wars.”

15) A Wolverine/Spider-Man Hybrid
16) Ashley Barton, from Earth 807128. She is the child of Peter Parker’s daughter and Clint Barton in the “Old Man Logan” universe.

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17) Spider-Man Manga, from Earth 2301.

18) Ben Reilly Scarlett Spider, wearing the 90’s hoodie costume.

19) Captain Universe Spider-Man.

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20) Black-Suited Spider-Man.

21) Raw Hide Kid Spider-Man.

22) A Deadpool/Spider-Man hybrid.

23) Future Foundation Spider-Man.

24) An Iron Fist/Spider-Man hybrid.

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25) An anime-style Spider-Man, possibly from the Ultimate Spider-Man television series.

26) A heavily armored Spider-Man.

27)A Hulk/Spider-Man hybrid.


28) Spider-Man from 1960s cartoon series.


29) Assassin Spider-Man of Earth 7085, who debuted in “Superior Spider-Man #31.”

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Who did we miss, or misidentify? Let us know in the comments below.