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Super Mario Flash In this game you can control Mario or Luigi to get through all maps filled with mushrooms. The princess is waiting for you to rescue so quickly destroy all enemies. Here is a nice flash game featuring Baby Mario for you to play and enjoy. This time just as you may expect you will really need to act with even greater care and use your skills at maximum because the young Super Mario does not have the same experience like the adult Mario so he needs to be guided by close, even though he has great courage and will take all the challenges just like a hero would.

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Score 0: coins 0: world 1-1: time 400: lives 3. Super Mario Flash. Super Mario World Flash. Super Smash Flash. Tactical Assassin. The Case of the Scary Shadows. The Impossible Quiz. How to play Super Mario Flash 1 game? This is the most beautiful and most complete Super Mario clone all Mario games we have on our site. You have the choice of Mario or Luigi and can explore all parts of the world thereafter. This game also has a 'Level Editor', wilt thou not always make your own Mario World before? Here you have chance!

Super Mario Flash&& Try The Games

About game

Welcome to Super Mario Flash 2, a great role-playing online video game. In this game, you will control Mario. Unlike Super Mario Flash, in this second part you will join a new adventure at Povetpu kingdom. The princess Toadstool is missing and you have to investigate this case. It is possible that some enemy has kidnapped the princess.

Super Mario Flash&& Try The Games Free

Super Mario Flash 2 has many levels and each level is an interesting map waiting for you to conquer. You will encounter lovely and familiar images of Mario, his enemies, cheerful music... However, the game still has great accents. It is Mario who can hold a turtle shell as a weapon to defeat many enemies at the same time. Or Mario can ride a cute dinosaur to move faster. And you will also face new enemies, typically baseball players.

Of course, Mario needs to collect gold coins and eat Mushrooms to increase his body size. Besides, complex terrain will be a difficult challenge for you. In some situations, you have to swim in the water to move forward. Don't forget that the enemy may appear unexpectedly. Stay focused to get good handling. Have a good day!

Super Mario Flash 2 Unblocked

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How to play

Super Mario Flash&& Try The Games Game

Use arrow keys to move Mario!

Tips and tricks

The dinosaur that you ride can eat the fish in the water.

Super Mario Flash 3

When you jump on the baseball player's head, he is only stunned a bit and then he will chase you.

Super Mario Flash Pouetpu

Baseball players have fast speed.