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It is hard to find a person in this world, who doesn’t know the most famous plumber – Mario. We know him from the first days of consoles and remember both a great soundtrack and addictive gameplay, where you need to run and jump on the heads of mushrooms-predators. The green tubes to get down to the dungeons, golden coins, monstrous dinosaur-boss, and of course – a charming Princes, who is always somewhere in another castle. Sorry, Mario. This surely was an experience of our childhood, so bright and thrilling that it is impossible to forget. A slight touch of psychedelia was so amazing and fairy-tale-looking. Now we play this game because of that sense of nostalgia, but the developers don’t let us get bored and enjoy our warm emotions only. They have prepared something really new, fresh, unique and great. Saving the best old features we all know.

Try Mario Maker, a platform title, where you have an access to the game-creation features. As such, this is your chance to build levels, arrange adventures for Mario and his friends, and become a real designer of the entire process. There are two parts of the game that already have gained incredible success around the world. Both of them are available at our platform and you can play them for free! However, there are more good news for all Mario fans – the third part is also awaited and we will see it approximately in 2020. As always, our website will be the first one to locate the third part for your enjoyment, so track the updates! And now let’s get back to the existing titles and discuss their pros. You will see that they are worth your attention for sure! So, here we go.

Super Mario games included in our video game list are Super Mario Run,, Serious Dave, Kill the Plumber, Minecraft Super Mario, and Mario Invaders, to name a few titles. Some have classic 2D graphics, whereas other games have cool 3D worlds and realistic looking characters. Hit the road with the definitive version of Mario Kart™ 8, only on Nintendo Switch™. Three years after the release of the first game, the second appeared, in which the main character was Luigi - Mario's brother, and two years later the Super Mario Brothers game came out, which formed the final concept of the game. The protagonist of the entire series of games is the American plumber with the Italian roots whose name is Mario.


Super Mario Run can be downloaded for free and after you purchase the game, you will be able to play all the modes with no additional payment required. You can try out all four modes before purchase: World Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10, and Kingdom Builder.

The first part of Mario Maker was a real hit in the world of gaming. Numerous positive reviews from players and professional reviewers were literally snowing. The reason is simple – Mario Maker is one of the best sandbox titles ever existed. You have an access to a large collection of editing and creative tools to use. Mario will put a helmet on his head and change his qualification a bit – now he is not just a regular plumber (or not so regular, maybe) but a builder, creator and an artist. The time has come to create worlds, so join him in this amazing activity. You can tailor the levels of your dream, deciding how to place the platform, where to locate prizes and enemies, and this your field for fantasy. After you are done, you can publish your masterpiece and play it. Other gamers, who are online at the moment, can check your creation as well. There are various game modes and these modes decide how the enemies and bosses will behave. The physics are also variable. There are numerous elements to include in your levels, but you will have to try them all in practice before you understand how they all work together. Yes, the game doesn’t give you any tutorials and samples, everything depends on your own ideas and decisions. Chances are that you will have to make a couple of tries before you figure out how to create something that you planned from the very beginning.

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The second part of Mario Maker is pretty much the same as the first one. The main difference, of course, is that the developers added numerous new tools and instruments here, so your levels will become even more customizable now. The number of possible combinations grows, so the quantity of variants of levels grows as well. You can make the enemies trickier than they are in the original Mario games. For example, the mushrooms can be increased in size and even become flying mushrooms, because you can add wings to their bodies. Can you imagine what types of monsters you can create now? So check this award-winning title right now and we bet that you will have a really good time with new Mario!