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Team Zwangerall Video Newsletter Issue 1teach To Be Happy Wishes

The weather’s still great (when you’re not on the tube), no hosepipe ban just yet and unfortunately the World Cup didn’t come home. But corporate teams in the Trust are moving into their new offices over Summer. We hope you are enjoying your new homes. Fingers crossed for England in the Women’s Hockey World Cup that’s just started in London. Don’t worry we won’t always talk about sport. Although we may talk a lot about teamwork as we continue to grow our QI community.

All Teach, All Learn

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This month our focus is the concept of 'All Teach, All Learn’. To achieve quality improvement across the whole organisation there needs to be teamwork and strong leadership. We all need to be travelling on the same journey together. One person working alone, or groups of people working in an un-coordinated way, will not achieve it. The best way we can move along the QI journey together is to adopt an approach of ‘All Teach, All Learn’. What does this mean? It means that we need to work as a community, collaborating and openly and honestly sharing our learning with each other. Regardless of our roles or position in the organisations hierarchy.

Building our QI Community

To help CNWL to build our QI community, we have been working with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) to develop QI across the Trust. The Executive Team receives QI coaching from IHI. The divisions have added QI learning to their divisional Board agendas. We held our first senior leaders QI coaching session with IHI in June and dates are set to continue over the year. Trust committees have started to review the way we look at data, using data over time rather than RAG rating.


517 staff have signed up to Life QI where they have open access to an amazing 195 QI projects happening across the Trust and even more projects across the platform. Future newsletters will focus on sharing learning from QI projects across our growing community. If you would like to share your QI experience in one of these newsletters please email [email protected]

The QI Programme Team is working to develop structures to support you as you run your QI projects.

Team Zwangerall Video Newsletter Issue 1teach To Be Happy Hour

Each division has a Clinical QI Lead. Their contact information available on this site and at the end of each QI newsletter. They are very happy to answer any QI queries you may have.

The first wave of Improvement Science in Action finishes in September 2018. 83 staff have been working with IHI to develop and refine their QI projects. Hot on their heels will be the second wave of Improvement Science in Action which opened for applications on 23 July. More on how to apply below.

We’re also adding QI coaches to our QI community. Congratulations to the 30 staff selected to reinvest some of their working day to coaching QI projects in their area. The QI coaches start their four month Improvement Coach Development Programme in September 2018. These roles will be key to helping projects as they move along their QI journey.

The community is growing by the day and everyone is welcome. If you’d like to find out more book into our second QI Learning Event on 14 September at 350 Euston Road. For more details and how to book visit the Learning Events page.



Information about all our QI training is available in the training section. We are also working on a prospectus for QI to help you select the right course for your point in the QI journey. More to follow in our August newsletter.

In the meantime, below are some of the courses coming up.

Bitesize QI

Are you interested in learning more about QI methodology? Have you completed Open School modules 101-105? Do you feel like you’d like some face-to-face training? Or are you involved in a QI project but haven’t had any QI training?
If yes, then in all likelihood Bitesize QI is what you’re after.
Bitesize QI is a half day introduction to QI run by CNWL staff specialising in QI. You will learn more about the Model for Improvement, how to develop a driver diagram and run PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) cycles. We will also start to explore measurement for improvement.
The next date is 3 August 2018 at 350 Euston Road. Places are limited so you must book in. Details of how to do this and future coming dates are available on the Bitesize QI page.

Improvement Science in Action Wave 2

Applications for Improvement Science in Action Wave 2 are now open.

If you have an idea for a QI project and can attend with one or two of your colleagues from your project team, then this may be the course for you.

Team Zwangerall Video Newsletter Issue 1teach To Be Happy

This intensive four-month professional development program is specially designed for people actively involved in healthcare improvement projects. Over the duration of the course you will be guided to run your QI project with support and training from Institute for Healthcare Improvement. You will also be provided with access to a named CNWL QI Coach to coach you as your project progresses. This unique hands-on approach will provide a firm grounding in the concepts, tools, and methods needed to effectively drive CNWL’s improvement initiatives.

For more information and details on how to apply visit the Improvement Science in Action page..

QI learning event 14 September 2018

Booking is now open for our second QI learning event on 14 September 2018. At this event, colleagues who attended Improvement Science in Action Wave 1 will be sharing their QI experience and learning.

For more information and how to apply visit the Learning Events page.

Life QI Tip of the Month

Team Zwangerall Video Newsletter Issue 1teach To Be Happy Birthday

There are three project status settings on Life QI. Active, cancelled and complete.

Active: Your project is active and you are currently working on it.

Cancelled: This option can be used for projects that didn’t work out as intended. It is important that we share learning by understanding projects that start and fail. It’s okay to fail, we fall forwards and learn from failure.

Team Zwangerall Video Newsletter Issue 1teach To Be Happy Birthday Wishes

Completed: Congratulations! Your QI project has achieved or partially achieved its aim and you’re ready to move the improvement to business as usual and move onto your next QI project (because QI is a little bit addictive). Don’t forget to amend to the correct end date.

To change your project status:

  • Click on your project, you will go to the general menu tab of your project where you can see your members and project aim
  • Click the blue ‘edit’ button on the top right
  • Scroll down and look on the right hand side of the page for the ’status’ heading.
  • Click the drop down and select your chosen status
  • Don’t forgot to save by clicking the blue ‘save’ button on the top right of the page.

Help and support

Key contacts for help and support or for more information about running your Quality Improvement projects.