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The Watermelon creates and develops new concepts of tourist activities tailored to the interest of all who seek to enjoy the experiences and flavors not only in the region of Lisbon but in all Portugal. An extraordinary country with beautiful landscapes, extraordinary cuisine, and a single geographic location The Watermelon Experiences wants to explore the. Terminal Office. Comments Add Image Not using Html Comment Box yet? (5 days ago) syphus590 said: you look around for this is going to sound wrong balls. Flag like reply. What are cookies? Cookies are small files that are placed by us on your computer, tablet or smartphone in order to use a website properly. Some cookies are necessary for optimal use of the website. We are Watermelon Incorporated! Our goal is to buy, sell, and/or become anything watermelon related. We were founded in 2015, when three men wanted the world to experience the greatness.

What can Watermelon mean for your business?


Centralize and automate customer contact and ensure 24/7 availability

Automate FAQs

Lower your customer service volume

Create your own chatbot in five easy steps and increase availability to 24/7. Publish your chatbot to your most popular channels including your website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and Telegram! Just add content, the powerful AI does the rest.

Centralize conversations across channels into a single dashboard and have your chatbot and live agents work together. Stop switching between apps and browser tabs and improve productivity.

Terminal Officewatermelon Gaming

Fast & accessible support

Increase your customer satisfaction

Does your chatbot not know the answer to a new question? No problem. The intelligent handover automatically transfers the conversation to the appropriate employee or team, ensuring your customer will always be helped.

The time where website visitors remained anonymous is over. The chatbot you build with Watermelon learns about your customers with their permission during automated conversations. The chatbot identifies the customer and builds a profile in your CRM with the information it collects during the chat. Save time and know your customers!

Optimize your service with data

See your peak moments ahead of time

Collect data about the customer journey and improve your service every day. Uncover peaks and trends in conversation volume and themes. Monitor your team, guide them where needed and improve customer satisfaction.

Success Stories

What our customers say about us

Read service challenges and solutions from our customers

Terminal office watermelon gaming
  • 15 leads a week thanks to chatbot Lilly
  • CRM system integrated with the chatbot

Chatbot Lilly supports website visitors by matching up them with the right products and dealers. By interlinking the CRM system of Luxaflex® with chatbot Lilly, the Sales department gets to work as efficiently as possible.

  • 70 percent of customer inquiries automated
  • 37 service hours saved per month

How do we answer incoming customer questions on our eCommerce website for logistics supplies outside of office hours? Logistiekconcurrent found Watermelon and together they built a chatbot to do just that.

  • 60 service hours saved each month
  • 90 percent of customer queries handled by the chatbot

Thanks to chatbot Floor, there is faster and better communication between Lab21 and their customers. Goals and achievements are being monitored thanks to extensive statistics. Thanks to chatbot Floor it’s a win-win!

  • 75 percent of chats are handled by the chatbot
  • 40 to 45 percent of queastions are outside office hours
Terminal Officewatermelon Gaming

Qander's goals were clear: more customer questions answered immediately, a lower workload for the service team, shorter waiting times and available 24/7. These goals have been achieved with Chatbot Emma/Marleen.

  • 300 chatbot conversations a day
  • 75 percent of conversations are directly handled by the chatbot

BKR drives the road of digitalisation by implementing their customer service chatbot. The chatbot handles all FAQ’s while staying personal.

  • Chatbot live in 2 days
  • Customer contact on WhatsApp automated

Terminal Office Watermelon Gaming

Chatbot Nicole supports the AFAS Commercial Team with customer contact and lead generation. The quick go-live of Chatbot [email protected] provided new insights into customer questions!

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With Watermelon you automate your customer contact in 5 simple steps. We will show you how in an online live demo.

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