Territory Wars

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Territory Wars

Territory Wars Andkon

Territory wars stick
Territory War Unblocked is the sequel to one of the most popular tactical strategy. Interestingly balanced strategy in “command team” style. New maps, new weapons, new game modes, map editor, and much more! You can play online with other users around the world. Map Editor, will create your dream map and a nightmare for your friend. The game features multiplayer mode, and you can play for two. Team members can move around the battlefield, shoot a gun, throw grenades at the enemy and so on by the decision of a player. The Territory War Unblocked game in which two teams confront each other and one player must destroy all the stick crew members. When it’s your turn to act, you have two options: to move or stand still. If you choose to go, remember that you can only move a limited distance. Then, if you stand or highlighted area for the movement ends, enable attacks. Grenades cause severe damage to a number of players, but be careful, you can hurt yourself either. Weapons can strike only one goal, and can even instantly kill: just strike a headshot. Hitting the boots causes little damage, but you can throw someone into the abyss and thus kill your enemy. You can build a barricade of garbage, in order to deter the approaching monsters. Aim a pistol at a monster, for each, you will have to shoot two – three bullets. There are only chaos and panic in the street. Each fires back as he can. You expect a huge number of exciting levels. Fascinating gameplay game will not get you bored; colorful graphics makes it incredibly interesting so if you are a gamer you should try it. To control, use: Arrow keys – to move the player, W – weapons menu, 0-9 – the choice of weapons, for more keyboard shortcuts, see the game.

Remake of Worms. Destroy the enemy team in this fun turn based stick figure game. Use the weapons to your advantage and win the Territory War. Play 2 players and battle for victory with a friend. By war's end, more countries, including the U.S., became involved. The fighting spanned and devastated most of Europe, and over 15 million people were killed. Yet, this was only the beginning. World War I set the stage for further tensions and one of the most devastating wars in history.

Territory Wars Online

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