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Having trouble trying to finding answers to basic computer questions about your PC or Mac and were not sure how or where to ask?

'Ask that computer guy' is a safe and secure website.
The goal of this web site is to address basic questions that users are looking for answers to without having to decipher technical documentation or weed through pages of blogs and forums. Information will be presented in a user-friendly format that any one can use and understand.
No question is to basic to ask... if you are looking for the answer to a question, it's very likely there is some one else out there that is looking for the very same answer.
In teaching and coaching computer skills over the years, I have found that many users just need assistance with the basics in terms that they can understand and use.
At some point we all started at the beginning, no one has become an expert overnight. The idea here is to provide the basic information you need the get started, feel more confident in your skills, and help you grow your computer knowledge.
Site topics to include:
- Featured 'Question of the Week'

- Featured Articles- Hardware (PC, Laptop, Mac)
- Peripherals
- Software
- Home Networking
- Computer Security
- Network Security
- The 'How To's'
- Useful Links
- Terms and Definitions

Coming Soon... so let us know what you thinkand oh yeah... and it's free!!

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The pair were filmed by the parents of a twitter user, who shared the clip, which now has millions of views. The app Amphetamine is a uncomplicated but useful macOS utility which can be configured to preserve a Mac awake, blocking the personal computer from going into snooze mode. It can be been readily available on the Mac Application Retail outlet for some 6 a long time, where by it is really accrued about a thousand favorable rankings from customers. I recently installed the iMessage app: Gamepigeon, and have enjoyed it except for one small thing, I can’t use it at night. I use screen time, and have my downtime set to 10:00p and downtime disables all apps (including iMessage apps) that aren’t on the always allowed list.