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The Impossible Quiz Book 2: Play free online games includes funny, girl, boy, racing, shooting games and much more. Whatever game you are searching for, we've got it here. The Impossible Quiz.It's not impossible! One of the most aggravating games ever created! One of the most aggravating games ever created! This game has simple graphics, suitable for all ages, especially children and families. The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 2 Play Instructions. Use your mouse to play! Find Similar Games To The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 2. Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1 Online Games. You searched for impossible quiz book chapter 1 and we found the following from our collection of online games. The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1. Jacksepticeye March 18, 2020. With the power of my massive brain I can solve any question the Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1 throws at me! Drunk Impossible Game.

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1. Carefully (it's a good advice)

2. Clint Eastwood (he's a movie star known for shooting in westerns)


3. 2:30 (you need a dentist appointment because your tooth hurts; tooth-hurty -> two-thirty)

4. A femur (female + lemur)

5. Click the empty Skip slot (the arrow points the same way as east on the compass)

6. Click the word 'What' ('What is the greatest thing since sliced bread.' - it's a statement, not a question)

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7. Illegal (ill eagle)

8. Press 'H' on the keyboard (7th letter of 'the alpHabet')

9. Blnd Pg (no eyes -> no i's)

10. Count the dog sperms, it's either 7 or 8 (if one of the upper is tired, it's 8; if not, 7)

11. 4 (how many different letters in 'assassins' - A, S, I, N)

12. Click the dots in order. (20)

SKIP: Click the dots in order until the 7th one and then click the unnumbered dot.
13. Corn flakes (tons of them fall on the floor)

14. Click the correct item (pigeon/dolphin to the left, fork to the right - if you wait too long, you'll lose a life and restart the question)

15. >:C (angry, because it's hard)

16. Click the word 'question' ('Answer this question please' - it's a request, not a question)

The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1clout Games Free

17. Press 'C' on the keyboard, since it's showing a picture of a sea (sea -> C)

18. The dictionary (since it will give you the meaning of the WORD 'life')

19. A tin (reference to a question from the first Impossible Quiz)

20. Click Chris repeatedly until he is done licking his leg.

21. Drag the dot between the 2 and 1 in the question number, and then press the resulting 2.1 (10)

22. A yoglett (baby yogurt -> yogurt baby; yogurt equivalent of piglet)

23. Pop the correct amount of bubbles, (either 18, 23 or 27) then click the arrow (20)

FUSESTOPPER: Click the dark purple bubble (Middle left one)
24. Click the words ‘far too’ (it turns into 'FART oo')

25. Seaweed (as in, the sea urinated)

26. Yes (if not, the last question would be wrong) (Note: clicking 'Please don't press this' will restart the whole game from the E4 Games screen.)

27. Wow. The Impossible Quiz sure has gone downhill (considering the same question was asked 3 times)

28. Drag off the body, then click the liver (deliver -> 'de' liver -> the liver) (10)

29. A yoglett (as shown in Q22, that's the name of a yogurt baby)

30. Press the left and right arrow keys until Chris is hit by a tank (Left, right, left, right, left, right, left)

31. No U (100 pennies in a POUND, but 'pond' is missing the letter U)

32. Press 'M' on the keyboard (1 in 'a Minute', 2 in 'a MoMent', none in 'a thousand years') (10)

33. You wrote it with your left hand (writing with your weaker hand results in bad handwriting)

34. Biased! (has two donkeys -> has bi-ass -> has bias -> biased)

35. Press 'P' on the keyboard, since it shows a guy peeing (pee -> P)

36. Drag the word “bowel” and click 'Answer' ('bowel movements' -> movement of the word “bowel”)

37. Click the button repeatedly until the bar fills up and transforms Chris into his real-life counterpart, Socks! (10)

38. 25.81 (the square root of 666)

39. People die (after pigs fly -> pigs flew -> swine flu; which some people die from)

40. Click the crotch; 'In my gentleman's area (or otherwise)' (the quiz violated you...)

41. Wipe their arse (a cannibal would dump his girlfriend in the sense that he would poop her out after eating her)

42. Mash any keys on your keyboard (except TAB) until Pig Buster (the worm on the right) is dead (gameplay from 'Bear Knuckle Pig Buster Fight' by deviantArt user gingerneck) (10)

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43. Type cast on the keyboard ('The answer is; type CAST.') (10)

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44. Drag the word 'mouse' on top of 'here', then click the arrow on the right of the screen ('Put the mouse on here')

45. Drag the word 'ground' away, then fix the leaks under it (the underground pipes -> the pipes under the word 'ground') (10)

46. There are 7 different question variations:

1. JFMAMJJASON? (Answer: D) January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November (Answer: December)
2. OTTFFSSEN? (Answer: T) One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine (Answer: Ten)
3. MTWTFS? (Answer: S) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (Answer: Sunday)
4. ROYGBI? (Answer: V) Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo (Answer: Violet)
5. MVEMJSUN? (Answer: P) Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (Answer: Pluto)
6. TIQTIQTTIQ? (Answer: The Impossible Quiz, The Impossible Quiz Two, The Impossible Quiz (Answer: Book)
7. FFFRRPPHHH? (Answer: That’s a fart isn’t it?)
47. Rub up and down on the pole which the Badly Drawn Dawg and Pups are chewing on, until they get struck by the tesla coil (15)

The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1clout Games Pdf

48. 1 (unstable -> wonky -> one key)

The impossible quiz book chapter 1clout games free

49. Either drag the word 'Life' onto Mars, or click Mars' craters until a Phlovomite (blue alien) pops out with a sign that says 'Yes!' (you will have to do only one of these tasks each time, it's completely random) (20)

50. Shoot (click) the headed hook three times. You need to be quick! (5)

i like your games, but i wish i wouldve known it was going to show sperm. it wasnt too inapropriate, but i was showing my little brother. i told him not to ask or say anything about that because our parents wouldve gotten mad if they saw something like that in a game. before anyone says, 'why did you show your little brother a T rated game?' or something like that, the others were fine, i didnt think that would happen in this one, and i thought, 'well, its rated T, but he watched saw, a rated R film, and other movies worse than that. if this is rated T they shouldnt show anything bad. probably just crude humor, like always' that was worse though. this game will take the bad rating from one of your other games. i dont like giving many bad scores for things, so instead of two bad scores, just one really bad score and one good score. this is for the thing where you have to break sonics leg, my brothers favorite character, and the one where you pop the pimples on that ugly face in 2. it was a little too gross for me, and i eat food off the floor! the first one was your best work. it was also the most apropriate (even though you break sonics leg). Anyways, im not satisfied, and thats all.