Three Priorities For Your Productive Home Office

  1. Set your boundaries and expectations with your company. If you need to take midday breaks to attend to your children, talk to your manager and explain the situation. Communicate that you’ll continue to meet deadlines, and when possible, set your out-of-office alert or calendar so your co-workers know when you aren’t available.
  2. From tutors to translators, virtual assistants to copywriters, more and more jobs are calling for remote workers and becoming home-based. While that may be a dream for some, switching from a structured office environment to the comfort of your own home can be challenging in surprising ways.

Working from home offers autonomy, but it requires strict schedule, dedicated home office and clear priorities to stay productive. Nevertheless, working from home can be lonesome, so if you need space to work outside of your home in Orlando once in a while, YourOffice Orlando offers you a wide choice of office and workspace solutions: virtual. Your morning commute to the office prepared you for your morning routine right from waking to getting ready for the upcoming workday. So you have a schedule and organized routine, which needs to be adapted to the new home office routine. At home, initially, the transition from your bed to your desk in a short span of time can be problematic.

In times of coronavirus (COVID-19), some of us have the privilege of being able to work from home and avoid social contact.

Keeping your workstation/home office clean not only helps you stay focused, but it will help keep you motivated, organised and more productive. Some will say the phrase ‘organised chaos’ with a messy desk which is fine, but general cups of coffee and stacks of paperwork should be limited.

Thinking about the ones who aren’t used to work outside the office, we have listed some important tips for maintaining focus and productivity.

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1 – Follow your everyday routine:

Being at home can be a little bit confusing at first, that’s why it is important to respect your schedule as if you were on an ordinary workday. The difference is that you can wake up a little bit later since your workplace is just a few steps/minutes away.

Wake up early enough to have a nice breakfast (with no hurry to catch the bus), stick to your proper lunchtime (not a minute less, not a minute more) and do your best to fulfill your tasks during office hours — believe it, it’s very easy to fall for the since-I’m-at-home-I-can-solve-this-now scam.

2 – Spread the word:

If you live with one or more people, it is important to let them know that, despite being at home, you are working.

In the case of a home office during the epidemic, it is very likely that other family members will be quarantined with you. So, let mom, dad, husband, wife, kids, roommate and even the dog know you’re really working.

Not everyone understands the concept of working from home and this can lead to some daily interruptions. Therefore, it’s always good to explain (with patiently) the importance of respecting your privacy and concentration during your work time.

3 – Prioritize:

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We all have household chores (or at least we should), but don’t let the pile of dishes in the sink take your focus off that report that needs to be delivered today.

Having a clean house and clean clothes are important, but it’s necessary to list your daily priorities and make sure your professional commitments are done.

Of course, you can’t waste the sun that you had been waiting to dry your clothes, right? The trick is to know how to separate things so that nothing harms your work. Do you have a lot of chores to do? Use your commuting time.

4 – Find your style

Many “how to be productive in your home office” lists say you should get out of your pajamas, dress up a little, and find a comfortable and organized place to work. But, not this one!

Well, breaking the protocol a little, we are part of the “Do what is best for you!” team.

– Enjoy staying in pajamas all day?
Stay it!

– Think it makes you feel lazy?
Change it!
– Do you have an office, a table, a perfect corner to work?
– Do you work in bed without any problems?
Ok, just pay attention to your posture, nobody is made of iron.
The important thing is to find a way that works for you and to be able to hand everything on time.

5 – Align expectations with your team

It is important to know what your superiors and colleagues expect from you during the home office. If a company doesn’t have a policy for this model service, it’s worth starting a conversation and leaving things as crystal clear as possible.

Do you need to be online all the time? What will be the main communication channel between the team members? The schedule will be kept? What about lunchtime?

Setting a policy makes the probabilities of problems decrease considerably.


In addition to that, if you are part of those that have the privileges of social isolation during this epidemic, make good use of them. Quarantine is not a vacation!

Even if you don’t fit at the risk group, voluntary isolation exists so that we don’t contaminate those who are. So, stay home, okay? Hopefully, we will soon be back to the normal days.

But, our productive home office tips are valid for any other circumstances where this concept is needed.

Three Priorities For Your Productive Home Office 365

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