Truck Launch Maniac


Truck Launch Maniac is an upgrade based game where the goal is to unlock achievements. Start off with a basic truck, with really good suspension, and drive it off a ramp into a landscape filled with bombs, signs, and coins which are placed randomly for each attempt.

  1. Truck Launch Maniac Walkthrough A launching game in white you have to send a truck flying as far as possible in such a way it would make Newton's zombie walk the earth. Truck Launch Maniac isn't too different from many games that involve firing something as far as you can and praying that you make it to the goal if there is one.
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Launch the monster truck off the ramp and see how far you can get! Collect points as you go to purchase upgrades and launch your truck even further! Happy launching!


Right/Left Arrows - Move forward/back
Truck Launch Maniac is an online racing game developed by Undefined, and has been played 1482018 times on
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Truck Launch Maniac

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