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Us History I Assignmentsmac

Unit 12: 80s, 90s, and 2000s
Timeline Instructions: 80s90s2000sTimelines
80s90s2000s PPT: 80s90s2000s

Unit 11: Vietnam
Unit 11 Cover Page: Unit 11 Cover Page
Vietnam Map: vietnammap
Causes of Vietnam War: vietnamcauses
Vietnam Music Reflection: vietnamwarsongs
Fighting the War RA: FightingWarRA
Political Divisions RA: PoliticalDivisionsPlusRA

Ch. 22 Crossword: Ch22crossword
Early Cold War Chart: ColdWarCrisis


Unit 10: Civil Rights Movement
Unit 10 Cover Page: Unit 10 Cover Page
Civil Rights Movement Timeline: CRMovtTimeline
CRM Poster Directions: CRMPoster
CRM Key Events Powerpoint: Key Events Matrix
Montgomery Bus Boycott RLAH: MontgomeryRLAH
Ch 21 Sec 5 Reading Assignment: ch21sec4&5
Malcolm X Information: malcolmx
Martin Luther King Jr. Information: mlking
Malcolm X & MLK Questions: mlkquestions
Widening Struggle Chart PPT: The Widening Struggle


Unit 9: Postwar America
Unit 9 Cover Page: Unit 9 Cover Page
Postwar America PPT (Economy, Culture & Politics): POSTWAR
1950’s Culture Collage Directions: 1950sCollage
1950’s Review Assignment: Ch20Review

Us History I Assignmentsmac

Unit 8: America and the Beginning of the Cold War
Unit 8 Cover Page: Unit 8 Cover Page
The Cold War Unfolds PPT: ColdWarUnfolds
Cold War Terms Activity: ColdWarTerms
Cold War Terms Images: ColdWarTermsImages
Cold War Heats Up PPT: coldwar
Berlin Airlift Video: Youtube Link
R.L.A.H. Cold War (pg. 8-9): RLAHColdWarLessonPlan
Continuing Cold War PPT: Ch19sec4
McCarthyism Video Clip: McCarthyism Clip
Ch 19 Review Assignment: Ch19vocab
Korean War Video Guide: koreanwarvideo


Unit 7 Cover Page: Unit 7 Cover Page
WWII Simple Timeline: WWIISimpleTimeline
WWII Vocabulary Assignment: Ch18VocabWorksheet
Dictators PPT: dictators
Europe Goes to War RA: EuropeGoestoWAR
War in the Pacific PPT: WarinPacific2
War in Europe PPT: WarinEurope
Atomic Bomb RLAH: Atomic Bomb Lesson Plan
Japanese Internment RLAH: JapaneseInternmentRLAH
WWII Odds and Ends PPT: WWIIOddsandEnds
The Story of US Video Guide: HistoryofUSEp10Guide

UNIT 5/6: Great Depression & New Deal
Unit 5 Cover Page: Unit 5 Cover Page
Stock Market Crash Causes: stock market crash
Social Effects Chart: DepressionEffectTable
Effects of the Great Depression: DepressionEffects
Story of US Video Guide Episode 9 “Bust”: StoryofUSEpisode9Bust
Dust Bowl Documents/Assignment: Dust Bowl Lesson Plan_0
Election of 1932: 1932Election
Unit 6 Cover Page: Unit 6 Cover Page
New Deal Debate Documents: New Deal SAC Lesson Plan
New Deal Powerpoint: NewDeal

UNIT 4: 1920s
Unit 4 Cover Page: Unit 4 Cover Page
1920’s Societal Changes: SocietyChanges1920s
Story of US DVD Guide (Episode 8: Boom): HistoryofUSEp8Guide
Cultural Conflicts: 1920sProblems
1920’s Timeline Activity: 20sTimeline
1920’s Presidents: 1920sPresidents
Business Boom of the 1920’s: 1920Economy
1920’s Crossword: 1920sCrossword

Us History I Assignmentsmac's History Dbq

Unit 3 Cover Page: Unit 3 Cover Page
U.S.S. Maine R.L.A.H. Activity: Maine Explosion Lesson Plan
Spanish-American War Notes: SpanAmerWar
Foreign Policy Chart: Ch10Sec2Chart
Foreign Policy Chart PPT: ForeignPolicyChart
Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson Foreign Policy PPT: ForeignPolicyTRTaftWWChart
Imperialism Quiz Review: Imp_SpanAmQuizReview
Imperialism Quiz: Imp_SpanAmWarQuiz
Road to War Reading Assignment: RoadtoWWI
WWI Map: WWIMapDirections
U.S. Enters WWI R.L.A.H. Activity: U.S. Entry into _revised
U.S. Entry into WWI PPT: USEntersWWI

UNIT 2: Progressive Response to the Great Transformation
Unit 2 Cover Page: Unit 2 Cover Page
Political Bosses Lesson Plan: Political Bosses Lesson Plan
Muckraker Quotes: ProgressiveExcerpts
Progressive Legislation PPT: ProgressiveLegislation
Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson Venn Diagram: ProgressivePresVD
Women’s Suffrage Movement Worksheet: WomensSuffrageWkrsht
Anti-Suffragists Chart: Anti-Suffragists Graphic Organizer
Anti-Suffragists Documents: Anti-Suffragists Lesson Plan
Progressivism Review Word Search: ProgressiveWordsearch

Us History I Assignmentsmac's History Timeline

UNIT 1: Emergence of Big Business
Thinking Like a Historian Chart: HT Skills chart_0(1)
Snapshot Autobiography: Snapshot Autobiography_1
Unit 1 Cover Sheet: Unit 1 Cover Page
Technological Revolution PPT: TechRevolutionCH6Sec1
Effects of Industrialization Reading Assignment: Immigrants_WorkersRA
The Great Strikes: GreatStrikes
Pullman Strikes R.L.A.H.: Pullman Strike Organizer-1
Pullman Strikes R.L.A.H. Documents: Pullman Strike Lesson Plan
Homestead Strike R.L.A.H. Activity: HomesteadStrike
Unit 1 Crossword: BigBusinessCrossword

08/13/13: Class Introduction Documents

Class Expectations: USHistExpectations
Portfolio Table of Contents: PortTOC
Course Outline: US2ndSemesterOutline
US History Standards: USHistoryStandards
Letter to Mr. Craft: LettertoMrCraft