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The time has come to expand your kingdom. All men are called to arms and have geared up for battle. All that needs to be done now is to choose which territory to invade.

It is going to be a bloody battle, but all that matters is to claim victory at the end and move on to the next territory to conquer.

Now Playing: Warlords: Call to Arms. Sign up for email updates. Warlords Call to Arms Share Game Info - Send out your soldiers on the right paths so that they encounter enemy troops. Take over the map! The purpose of Warlords: Call to Arms is to take control over a powerful army and train them so they can bring you a glorious victory. As a general your job is to lead your soldiers to the other side of the map. Be faster than your rival team to reach the other side and win the game! Create as many units as possible and equip them with the right weapons and armor to crush the enemy troops.

Warlords: Call To Arms&& Try The Games


Warlords: Call To Arms&& Try The Games

Push back the enemy forces to win the battle.

Press W and S, or Up and Down to select the position on the battle field where you want your unit to emerge.
Press the spacebar to build the selected unit.
Press A and D, or left and right to select the type of unit.

Score points by have units make it to the right of the screen.
If you score, the bar at the top move right. If it is all the way to the right, you win.
If time passes out, you should be sure that your ahead of the enemy to win as well.

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Warlords: Call to Arms is an online adventure game developed by Ben Olding Games, and has been played 450379 times on Bubblebox.com.
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