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Carson and I crossed the second item off of my bucketlist yesterday! Pumpkin Carving!!! As you can see, our pumpkins look pretty good. Dont be fooled though, we used stencils! (Neither of us are THAT artistically gifted) I found my VIneyard VInes stencil online and printed it out. Event Pumpkin Carving Contest, 2020! Winners Announced! 3 replies Tue, - 14:02. 2020 is slowly coming to an end (much to my personal delight!) a.

Weebly Pumpkin Carving Contest Templates

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Weebly Pumpkin Carving Contest Stencils

Carve a Patterned Pumpkin

Looking for Halloween pumpkin carving ideas for either your front porch or for a Halloween pumpkin carving contest? Look no further as we’ve got the best pumpkin carving ideas for you and your family this Halloween. We’ve got Halloween pumpkin ideas that range from easy pumpkin carving ideas like polka-dot pumpkins to no-carve pumpkin ideas like simple pumpkin stacks or a miniature pumpkin wreath that will last throughout the fall. We’ve also got simple how-to instructions for party pumpkin serving ideas like a pumpkin cooler or pumpkin luminaries for your driveway. Of course, this wouldn’t be the Southern Living guide to Halloween pumpkins if we didn’t have some super Southern ideas for your pumpkins like carving your state flag into your pumpkin. What a creative pumpkin carving idea!

Weebly Pumpkin Carving Contest Ideas

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