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You will notice that after setting the appropriate width the appearance of your web images will appear very large on mobile devices. This is because your mobile device has a smaller screen compared to regular desktop screen sizes where your web images fit without much ado.

In order to create a fitting image size for your mobile devices set your image width to 100% and all web images will be resized spontaneously. Ensure that this is included to the mobile friendly CSS stylesheet of your website.

Your websites are now mobile friendly resorts

How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly. Home Web Design Tips for Mobile Design. If you view this website on your phone, you will notice all the content displays nicely in one column, but if you view it on a desktop, you will see 2 columns. This is an example of a responsive website design. It's a trend that people are using now to make.

  1. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly before you can focus on making it mobile-first, so the first logical step is to take the Mobile-Friendly Test to see if you meet Google’s standards.
  2. Having a mobile-friendly website is a critical part of your online presence. In many countries, smartphone traffic now exceeds desktop traffic. If you haven't made your website mobile-friendly, you should. Search Console's Mobile-Friendly Test Tool is a quick, easy way to test whether a page on your site is mobile-friendly.
  3. Those are just three basic reasons to invest in a responsive, mobile-friendly website. If your website isn’t responsive, just think about how, in the time it took you to read this article, 15 of your potential customers could have been through the entire purchasing process with your mobile-optimised competitors.

To ascertain that your website is supported on smaller screen size mobile devices, kindly change the background-size CSS property to include img tags, if the images are fixed as background images by default. This will automatically resize the background images when your website is accessed on small screen devices.

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Your image will not appear vague when resized. In fact the browsers of mobile devices in vogue today are enhanced to ensure clarity when you zoom in on pictures. It is essential that you eliminate user-scalable or no property set in meta tag so as to facilitate in and out zooming of images.